Karl - can youse show us on this map where the bad men groomed you for male slavery?

professor rat pro2rat at yahoo.com.au
Tue Jan 3 21:50:59 PST 2023

That's an excellent precis, Karl.  I'm impressed by your progress since our last talk.

I especially liked the truck, Dell, Facebook and cancer surgery details.
Its perfectly understandable you don't tell us everything all at once - as you said many victims of digital analog rape are reluctant to discuss such a painful memory.  Better be thought reticent and stoical - like a man instead of a eunuch. Yes?
Do you still have the note you found in your mailbox?
If you could scan that to us it would be a great help.
As the wise anarchist said, " Cypherpunks are all about privacy for the poor victim and transparency for the powerful male slaver "

Where there is injustice - there you will find us. 

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