Metal Gear Mark 2 as a Btc Core Dev/ Maintainer

professor rat pro2rat at
Tue Jan 3 21:37:13 PST 2023

Watching that thing in there gave me the idea C3-PO MARK TWO will make an excellent Btc core maintainer. I used to think an end run could be made around the Big Dog with a huge network giving away UBI to everyone. Now that idea looks more like the Confederate cavalry literally riding rings around the Union army. "Union’ logistics now resemble the net itself. A force so strong, and dynamically balanced, that no combination of earthly powers can defeat it.

" . . . another (and far more credible) person thought a while, and in a proud revelation suggested that one way that the establishment would “fight back” is to convert to a government that is based on fully decentralized authority, as opposed to the leader-centric system we have today.
Such a system could not be attacked by killing individual people, any more than you can kill a tree by pulling off a single leaf. His “solution” was, in effect, to totally disband the current government and turn it over to the public at large, where it highly de-centralized system that is not controlled by a tiny fraction of the population in a structure called a “government,” essentially identical to his idea. So in effect, the only way the government can survive is to totally surrender. . ."

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