Assassination Politics

professor rat pro2rat at
Tue Jan 3 00:29:44 PST 2023

Going after Figureheads always leaves the Pols from
which replacement Figureheads will continue to be drawn. <<<

Why APster aims to eliminate all nationalist politicians as a class. 
Also all police, military and corpse-media. The ' military-entertainment-complex '
We have the perfect right to destroy those who would destroy us - STAND your GROUND!
An attack on the environment calls for a measured and proportional response. 
My response to their democide attacks is genocide - this will also make ' class genocide ' a reality on the ground.
Its been a long running '1984 grade' scandal that genocide was so narrowly defined at its start. 
Naturally a Marxist-Communist was to blame - the hero to cypherpunks like James A. Donald, Kim John Young & Julian Assmange - Uncle Joe Stalin.
Members of the classes I mentioned as marked for death may want to avoid this fate in the limited time they have left.
This is done by contacting the local anarchist authorities who will then transport you to serve decades-long terms in re-education-through-labor camps where the living will envy the dead. Your choice. 

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