Cryptocurrency: How To Turn Politicians Into Pro-Crypto Pro-Privacy Post-Fiat Anti-CBDC Anti-Reg... Trojan Horse Instructions Inside

grarpamp grarpamp at
Tue Feb 28 23:58:28 PST 2023

History shows that begging kings and politicians rarely works, at
least not without some form of convincing leverage to back it up.

So you can work three fronts at once...

- Take the cryptopolitical activism fight to them, instead of
waiting for their response to the crypto freedom you created.
These are all the usual organizing methods, lobbyist,
grassroots, in person, marches, letters, PACs, etc.

- Ignore them, continue building and using densely meshed crypto
routes and communities around them and everything they control,
an agorist model of sorts, just everyday more crypto adoption in general.

- Load your Trojan Horses with Crypto and
literally Mail them straight into their Brains...

Here's how...

Take the USA for example (or any country or org that likes to force
itself and its money, money control, and soon crypto policies
upon other countries and all free peoples of the world...)

It has
+ 535 people in Legislative
+ 2 people in Executive
+ 9 people in Judicial
+ 9454 high political appointees, agency heads,
military brass, etc... all the top of its government
= 10000 total people FED
It's states have
+ 100 governors, lieutenants
+ 9900 other top legislator, judicial, agency, appointee, etc
= 10000 total people STATE
== 20000 total top government people USA
X ($500 BTC each + $500 XMR each) = $1000 USD each
=== $20,000,000 USD total
/ $1.2T total crypto Market Cap
==== 0.0017% of MktCap

Now take that utterly trivial $20M, collect it, divide it up,
hand it out to distributed work cells, social media, crowd organized,
video proofed, databased, whatever, lots of different ways to do it...

Print out the private BTC and XMR keys on a piece of
paper with instructions how to sweep them into wallets on
their phones, add some intro text and links on crypto philosophy...

Then physically postal mail them to their home addresses,
hand them to them in person, registered mail, whatever might
work best to route around staff that might filter them out.

Regardless, proximity is ok too, no worries, call it a gift to whoever gets it,
rained on them from the great p2p crypto faucet in the sky ;)

You just reasonably anonymously and privately trojaned $1000 USD worth
of instant Crypto+Privacy education directly into their craniums. A totally
massive psychological win, at effectively zero cost to global MktCap.

Spread another $5M across the 5,000 top heads in the banking sector.

Throw another $25M at the next 25,000 government
people lower down in level from those above.

That's $1000 USD of Crypto+Privacy permanently injected into the brains
of 50,000 of the highest Government and Banking people in the USA.

Go ahead, mail it to the top 500 government people in all 200 countries,
that's only another $100M.

They will all be checking prices on their phones, watching crypto
freedom channels, buying crypto, and generally leaving government
and entering the crypto sphere within a few months.

It doesn't matter which coins you mail out, and the $USD equivalent
and the people count can be adjusted at different levels, so long
as the $USD equivalent still hits the recipient hard thus waking them.

Checkmate, Crypto !

All at negligible cost to the global crypto community,
a lifetime of win for only $150M total, 0.0125% of MktCap.

You've already introduced most of the people you know to crypto,
even given them their first bit of coin. But you either forgot to
introduce government and other top people around the world,
or didn't know how to get coin into their wallets.

Spread $350M around 350k of the world's Education Admin,
teachers, realtors, business owners, CEO's, supply chain,
news media, and even random citizens chosen out of the
phone books... and many more.

Now you're up to $500M... that's still less than 0.05% MktCap.
An incredibly inexpensive way to get a massive global thought
and adoption gain that can only come from getting them crypto
to hodl and spend.

Given rumblings of bans, cbdc, regulation, and worse...
the global crypto community might want to get this
organized, distributed, and do it, now!

Such an airdrop costs nothing, is worth the lol's, and might just be ftw :)

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