Rupert admits lying for ' Green ' ( money ) - which raises the question - how much is Grarpamps getting?

professor rat pro2rat at
Tue Feb 28 17:21:06 PST 2023

Its the same basic garbage scow of disinformation  -  Fox news = Gramps garbage

We were somewhere out near Four Seasons landscaping on the edge of the desert when the FOX news broadcasts first took hold. " Fuck me dead did you see that? " I noted as giant, honky-kraken-bats swooped down on the shark forcing her to the verge. The Brown Buffalo confirmed he had and suggested Raoul Duke take the wheel. Clearly he was already out of his mind on Qanon fumes. Raoul had been dead in his crypt since we left Frisco.
The only thing that really worried me was the Qanon. There is nothing more helpless, irresponsible and deranged as a congresswomen on Qanon.

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