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The Decentralization Manifesto

The #BYPASS Movement is premised on the belief that Power corrupts,
and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Therefore, allowing power to
become concentrated in the hands of the few (Centralized) can only
lead to tyranny and destruction.

In recent times, our societies have become dominated by increasingly
powerful Centralized governments and the provision of goods and
services monopolized by increasingly powerful Centralized business

These entities frequently collude in order to further consolidate
their power; a modern phenomenon known as “Corporatism” or “Fascism”.

This historically unprecedented Centralization of power is directly
responsible for the historically unprecedented tyranny and destruction
of the past century.


With the advent of the modern internet, a new revolutionary movement
has emerged; one with the power to render all Centralized institutions
obsolete and eliminate the threat of tyranny forevermore.

It is a revolution which enjoys the distinction of being cooperative,
rather than divisive.
And one which is fundamentally nonviolent.


Given that Government Is Centralized Power.
And given that All Centralized Power Structures Are Corrupt By Design.
It is proposed that There Are No Political Solutions To Any Of Our Problems.

And that the only way to achieve and maintain peace, prosperity and
freedom is to Decentralize Every Single Power Structure In The World
To The Greatest Degree Possible.

This can be accomplished by using modern technology to creatively
apply the principles of Open-Source and Decentralization to all
aspects of our lives; effecting the creation of new, non-hierarchical
societies which are sustainable, equitable, and enjoyable for all.

We must join together, and Become the change we want to see.
Not beg those in power to create it for us.
This is the #BYPASS Movement.

And this website is intended to serve as an ever-evolving portal that
will promote this philosophy, link to resources, and connect those who
wish to bring about a peaceful and prosperous future for all humanity.

Gary Lachance

How To Participate

Below is a growing collection of pioneering Decentralists who are
actively working to upgrade our societies. This is the #BYPASS
Movement in action.
Please support them, share them, and suggest more!

Education / Knowledge:
The Khan Academy + Udacity (Decentralized Education) VIDEO
The Wikipedia (An Open+Decentralized Encyclopedia)
Decentralized Education (Article)

Environmental Protection / Sustainability:
Craigslist + Kijiji (Decentralized Marketplaces)
Real-Time Ridesharing (Decentralized Car-Sharing Services) ARTICLE
CouchSurfing + AirBnB (Decentralized Accommodation Sharing/Renting)
Permaculture (Sustainable, Decentralized Food Production And Living) ARTICLE
Yerdle (Decentralized Sharing Things)

Open-Source Ecology (Open+Decentralized Manufacturing) VIDEO, VIDEO#2
Defense Distributed (Open+Decentralized 3D-Printed Firearms)
Arduino (Open-Source Electronics Prototyping) VIDEO
3D Printing (Decentralized Manufacturing) VIDEO
OScar (An Open-Source Car)

Bitcoin (An Open+Decentralized Digital Currency) VIDEO
Community Currencies (Decentralized Local Currencies)

Decentralized Medicine Printing (VIDEO)
Cure Together (Decentralized Healthcare Solutions) (Decentralized Drug Research)

Charity / Social Services:
The Decentralized Community (Open+Decentralized Social Problem Solving)
Occupy Sandy (Open+Decentralized Hurricane Relief) ARTICLE
Kiva (Decentralized Microfinance)

Government (the transition towards its obsolescence):
How The Internet Will Transform Government (VIDEO)

SpaceHive (Decentralized Neighbourhood Improvement Fundraising)
Kickstarter (Decentralized Fundraising For Creative Projects)
Petri Dish (Decentralized Fundraising For Scientific Research)
Crowdfunding (ARTICLE) ARTICLE #2

Events / Partying:
The Decentralized Dance Party (Decentralized, Crowdfunded Partying)
Speakeasy (Decentralized Party Hosting)
EventUp (Decentralized Venue Rentals)

Audio Amplification:
A Decentralized Sound System (Decentralized Audio Amplification)
The Social Stereo (Open+Decentralized Audio Amplification)

Youtube + Vimeo + Facebook (Decentralized Media Platforms) (Decentralized, Crowdfunded, Open-Source Journalism)

Buycott (Decentralized labelling of GMOs) ARTICLE
Feastly (Decentralized Dining) ARTICLE
Open-Source Ecology (Open+Decentralized Manufacturing) VIDEO, VIDEO#2
Crowdfunding Farms (Article)
Permaculture (Sustainable, Decentralized Food Production And Living) ARTICLE

Vayable (Decentralized Tourism Marketplace Where Anyone Can Discover,
Book And Offer Tours, Activities And Unique Experiences Anywhere In
The World)

Anyone Who #Bypasses The Entertainment Industry By Independently
Creating And Distributing Their Own Work (An Illustrative Comic)
-Music: Mackelmore, Con Bro Chill
-Movies: HORSE the band’s Earth Tour
-Comedy: Louis C.K. Made Millions Streaming His Own Show And Selling
His Own Tickets
–Freedomain Radio (The World’s Most Popular Philosophy Show- Funded By
–More Suggestions Please!

Love / Intimacy:
Lovepalz (Decentralized Lovemaking)

Creative Commons (Free Legal Tools That Enable The Sharing And Use Of
Creativity And Knowledge)

Buycott (A Decentralized database allowing for coordinated boycott
campaigns) ARTICLE

Software: (Open-Source Website Development)
Open-Source Software (Wikipedia Article)

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