Coronavirus: Thread

grarpamp grarpamp at
Sun Feb 26 20:12:44 PST 2023

Revolt now before they release the next bug which will
kill billions, including you...

People were censored for saying this EXACT same thing 2 years ago,
and millions were injured as a result. Their empire of lies will continue
to crumble. It’s time to hold them accountable.

World Premier: Died Suddenly
The first movie streamed to Twitter #DiedSuddenly was censored.
The covid “vaccine” is acting as intended.
Birth Rates Plunge In Heavily Vaccinated Countries
Joseph A. Ladapo, MD, PhD @FLSurgeonGen
Don’t let the CDC and their minions confuse you with spin. In Florida,
total vaccines administered increased by 400% after mRNA COVID-19 vax
was introduced, while adverse events increased by 1700%.
Here a sample of the "protection" taken from a young jab receipient,
the big one on the left side is from the aorta. Safe and effective though eh...
He is saying it slow so you can understand...
Woody Harrelson sums up the Covid scam perfectly
HORROR: Man #diedsuddenly while driving a tractor after suffering
a heart attack 💉 People are just dying out in the open now.
23-year-old Amy Segdwick died ‘suddenly and unexpectedly’ in her sleep
after she experienced negative side effects from the Covid-19 vaccine.
Young, very fit, and fully vaccinated. Jordan Tate #Diedsuddenly with
no cause of death being revealed. “Please get vaxed, ppl. This is NOT
a political OR a religious issue.” -Jordan Tate, 2021
HEARTBREAKING: Terry Register, a healthy rescue instructor
#diedsuddenly in his sleep at the age of 49 two weeks ago. He leaves
behind two young adopted sons.
World Series Poker player Aaron Duczak was caught on a hot mic talking
about his chest pain from the Covid-19 shot. “I wish I never got the
vaccine. I’ve been having chest pains ever since I had that thing.”

jules serkin @julesserkin
Seeing another neurologist on Wednesday re: #AstraZeneca headaches &
lurching balance now my spine has started getting inflammation too
🤢almost 2 years my head is hot , burning & pain most days now with
drowsiness at times - Iwish I had never had 1 jab

Senator Gerard Rennick @SenatorRennick
This is tragic story of Natalie, a 21 year old healthy girl who died
from the vaccine.

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