Cryptocurrency: Energy and E-Waste Memes Are FUD Propaganda Spread by Dying GovBankCorp

grarpamp grarpamp at
Sat Feb 25 20:46:03 PST 2023


Bitcoin has a very long list and history of global organisations, that
are often from the governments, spreading news articles and reports to
basically “defame“ it you could even say as most of their reports have
no source at all or just a very bad sample applied to the reality. One
of them has been the World Economic Forum, arguably one of the most
shaddy organisations out there.
The WEF tweeted an posted a report in 2017 about the very bad
influence Bitcoin could have on the world, their reason is just the
cliche: Bitcoin will consume more energy than the whole by 2020.
​We all and probably even the people associated to Crypto in 2017,
know that this is just complete BS on multiple levels and just another
lie by the WEF. Now we are in the year 2023 and basically the complete
opposite has happened.
​Bitcoin mining council has confirmed that at least 59.5% of BTC is
being mined by sustainable energy and that is just the data from Q2
2022, today it is likely near 63.8% according to recent estimated.
That is a lot more than all countries of the WEF combined probably.
I am not saying that Bitcoins energy usage is perfect, it is far from
that but in contrast to all those rich and greedy countries, Bitcoin
miners are trying to bring in a change.

Bitcoin is balancing energy and profitability across various locations
across world by giving people new incentives for cheap power and heat
A whole new industry is being created. Through the Bitcoin network
we're upgrading our energy infrastructure to a 1. more efficient and
2. cleaner one, while maintaining and securing the most advanced,
efficient and tamper-proof payment settlement system the world has
ever seen.
He wanted 50% clean energy.
Here it is Elon, done.
We’ll just add this item to Elon’s list.

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