Morning Spam

Undiscussed Groomed for Male Slavery, One Victim of Many gmkarl+brainwashingandfuckingupthehackerslaves at
Fri Feb 24 07:29:48 PST 2023

> - the real boss was the human trafficking ring overlapping with law
> enforcement, virus, facebook, mind control, military corps / fixer
> business, cointelpro, etc
> - the fake boss was will n, whom i never really spoke to. i was
> influenced to think he was the person hacking my life like organized
> crime. he barely knows me but was a known activist in the state and i
> think was in conflict with a member of law enforcement trying to get
> him in trouble. it’s quite clear he was a vocal activist and not a mob
> boss.

to clarify the severity of the situation, i was brainwashed to believe
the person who was disliked by a cop was a mob boss who was doing the
brainwashing of me, when actually they were a targeted activist.

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