Coronavirus: Thread

grarpamp grarpamp at
Tue Feb 21 18:31:38 PST 2023

On 2/17/23, professor rat <pro2rat at> wrote:
>> he accepted without protest to forcibly lock and mask
>> and vax his entire country down for Corona...
> When Corona started I suggested the broad left look for offsets since
> quarantine was bound to impinge on human-rights and civil-liberties.
> If some Au politico's were overly harsh then I'm actually grateful since I
> haven't caught the damn thing yet.
> Where dead bodies are seen and there's no vaccine you must quarantine.
> Then, those who refuse proven vaccines need to just fuck off from the rest
> of us quite frankly.
> Anti-vax = Dangerous nutcase.

And herein the [ProfRat's] fraudulence of the 'Anarchist' is displayed.
CoVax has been shown to be questionable and of limited efficacy,
with known amounts of harm, if not just more GovMedCorpPolPower
bullshit, as per "the science"... there is an entire long thread on this.
Yet even the so called [ProfRat] 'Anarchists', aka these
people who supposedly disavow force, clamor for
forced vax against the 'dangerous' yet non-aggressing other.
And if the vax did work, then there is no worry to them.
Thus if the [ProfRat] 'Anarchist' believed so much in 'vax' then they
would simply vax themselves and shut the fuck up about anyone else,
knowing that they are thus 'protected' from others.
Problem is, internally they expose that they don't believe the vax nonsense,
yet still incorrectly, the 'Anarchist', like ProfRat, force others to get it.
The illogic, and force, and hypocrisy, of the [ProfRat] 'Anarchist' is clear.
To remain consistent, the 'Anarchist' must quarantine themself, not others.
Otherwise they are just another form of State terrorist, no better
than the state of violent 'Anarchism' they worship.

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