Morning Spam

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Mon Feb 20 13:52:06 PST 2023

MCBoss marches down to Spy and Rebel Cafe, Come One Come All.

He brings a zombie government worker.

MCBoss: "Zombie Government Worker, knock on that door and get their attention!"

MCBoss crosses his arms commandingly.


In Spy And Rebel Cafe, Come One Come All, a knock is heard on the
unlatched door.

Rebel Specialist: "Somebody's knocking on the door."

Homeless Telekinetic: "Oh, they're probably not opening it because
they're embarrassed about their telekinesis. I'll get it."


Homeless Telekinetic opens the door to see MCBoss and Zombie
Government Worker, all postured like they're going to stuff somebody
in a sack and punch the sack until it stops moving.

Homeless Telekinetic: "I'm so sorry if the closed door made you
uncomfortable. Please, come in."

MCBoss [confidently]: "I'm Boss, the famous owner of the whole world.
I'm here to hand over my international business empire to the rebels."

MCBoss looks at Homeless Telekinetic determinedly.

Zombie Government Worker: "Uhhhh ....  Boss .... ?"

MCBoss looks at Zombie Government Worker, then back at Homeless Telekinetic.

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