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Undiscussed Groomed for Male Slavery, One Victim of Many gmkarl+brainwashingandfuckingupthehackerslaves at
Mon Feb 20 13:47:00 PST 2023

here's the new text! no new messages. the next one after the pause
came right after i sent the email, although there was queue flushing
behavior (a few other message came at the same time). it's currently
4:46 with no new messages after the below.

2/20/2023, 3:59:15 PM - xloem: i was on a targeted loosely-anarchic
mailing list where anarchy messages were intermixed with death threats
and insults to members and shit. i clicked through the anarchy
messages and some were from here. i've learned about all sorts of
anarchist stuff by following these disgustingly-wrapped references.
2/20/2023, 3:59:18 PM - meno-sanark (IRC): if things continue the way
they are and conservatives take the lead on every current event that
invovles state overreach im going to die
2/20/2023, 3:59:32 PM - meno-sanark (IRC): thats awesome lol
2/20/2023, 3:59:34 PM - CyberTailor (IRC): prostate
2/20/2023, 4:04:52 PM - meno-sanark (IRC): i wish there were high
speed gambling markets for everything that could possibly occur on
2/20/2023, 4:14:59 PM - sophieactual (IRC) joined the room
2/20/2023, 4:34:13 PM - rocinante (IRC): xloem: some of the messages
where from this IRC? on an email list? I'm confused
2/20/2023, 4:34:45 PM - rocinante (IRC): meno-sanark: maybe become a
card carrying member of darkfi?
2/20/2023, 4:34:46 PM - novatore (IRC): ‘Privacy has become a taboo,’
says crypto-anarchist project DarkFi
2/20/2023, 4:34:56 PM - rocinante (IRC): ;D
2/20/2023, 4:35:05 PM - xloem: <
"xloem: some of the messages wher..."> i actually emailed the list
regarding this juts now, and your reply came immediately after. looks
like maybe network delay.
2/20/2023, 4:35:27 PM - rocinante (IRC): huh?
2/20/2023, 4:35:40 PM - rocinante (IRC): my reply came to you via an email?
2/20/2023, 4:37:00 PM - xloem: <
"huh?"> i found anarchyplanet from a targeted and disreputed email
list with anarchy theme.
you helped me join this chat from the library room; it seems to be
invite-only on matrix.
i touched on the email list origin with meno-sanark.
i just now emailed a log of my conversation with meno-sanark to that same list.
other than those specific things, nothing should be weird unless
something is making it so.
2/20/2023, 4:37:13 PM - novatore (IRC): [text/plain] (409.0B)
2/20/2023, 4:37:52 PM - xloem: sounds like you guys want some action,
but i don't know what.
2/20/2023, 4:39:23 PM - meno-sanark (IRC): i love an article which
starts with the words pierre joseph proudhon

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