"In the Russian vocabulary there is no such word as honour"

professor rat pro2rat at yahoo.com.au
Sun Feb 19 12:35:36 PST 2023

The German

Marx, „Lord Palmerston“, 1853

"In dem russischen Vokabularium existiert das Wort 'Ehre' nicht."

Marx to Engels, 1865: "It has ditto been shown geologically and hydrographically that a great ‘Asiatic’ difference occurs east of the Dnieper, compared with what lies to the west of it, and that (as Murchison has already maintained) the Urals by no means constitute a dividing line. Result as obtained by Duchinski: Russia is a name usurped by the Muscovites. They are not Slavs; they do not belong to the Indo-Germanic race at all, they are des intrus [intruders], who must be chased back across the Dnieper, etc."

" The Russian commune (obshchina) is the natural basis for oriental despotism "  - Engels 1874 

Like the MSM today - even FOX - these losers sometimes publish something mostly true.

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