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Sat Feb 18 15:43:56 PST 2023


dissociated trauma identity plans for time travel project. subtitle:
break the world into an organized depiction of all past and future
human history.

	1.	get everyone addicted to the metaverse

	2.	convince smart people to make strong AI by giving them metachocolate

	3.	use strong AI to create complete simulations of everybody so that
the experiences at different points in time are correct for reality

	4.	use the same strong AI to simulate all of time. try two options,
one including the time machine project and one without. maybe ask
smart people if it would be fun or boring to have branching timelines.

	6.	each human gets a unique point in time, treated on a logarithmic
scale centered on the present day. adjust base for population and
longevity of species. everybody has a unique and personal simulation
that contains everyone else.

	7.	in everyone's simulation, encourage the one human who is real to
invent a time machine. reveal to them the nature of reality enough and
give them just enough access to the data so it actually works. use
telepresence technology to let them travel to other simulations when
they activate their machine.

	8.	enter the global simulation as a rogue time traveler or time cop
(todo: make up mind which one). have a blast!

level 2: encourage everyone to run differing global simulations at
once and sort out all the conflicts, either transparently or overtly,
preferably both. figure out the number of smart people to involve so
that it's the right degree of fun.

then we get to make it all right for everything again after the fact !


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