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Sat Feb 18 08:23:23 PST 2023

Rebel Worker 2 takes out the implant he exfiltrated from his own
brain, and the bundle of records regarding Boss’s access to his
network infrastructure.

He puts the implant back in his brain via a still-gaping hole he
doesn’t remember is still there, and opens up the first record.

Rebel Worker 2 [blatantly, over-obviously]: “Oh! Somebody is

pretending to be boss
revealing boss’s secret things on logged channels

things immediately and significantly change whenever a classified
channel is responded to

executive assistant 3: “isn’t it incredibly dangerous to use a mind
control neuroimplant to fight mind control?”

rebel worker 2 [temporarily wide eyed]: “lalala i don’t hear you”

executive assistant 3: “i’d better consult with other rebels about this”


[i think a part was left out, which i suppose is common — probably
split rebel worker 2 into manager and worker character, maybe
execytive assistant as well. or maybe simpler, add behaviors where he
uses normal channels, and dissociates and uses the implant to handle
when they go weirdly]

then adventure mode, you are executive assistant 3. you are working in
a fake liberal shell corporation of well respected psionic weaponry
corporation aka the well known bosscorp. you just witnessed rebel
worker 2 risking their life to protect their network architecture from
boss himself, by feeding back via different classified mind control
channels, in pursuit of building an ai assistant. you are tasked with
finding rebels in rebel hideout, to inform them about the situation
and find a way to protect everybody if something goes wrong.

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