Journalism or cypherpunk revolution - choose one

professor rat pro2rat at
Sat Feb 18 07:45:12 PST 2023

I am not making cryptoanarchist revolution to make the world safe for journalist privilege since - in any large military-entertainment-complex the media is precisely half the problem. 
Its impossible to help any journalist understand anarchism since their entire identity is wrapped up in them not understanding it. Ein Reich - Ein Volk - Ein Media.
The anarchic net has already done a yeomans task of breaking the media on a wheel - so much so the previous POTUS referred to it as the ' Corpse Media " at least once.  Cryptoanarchy will complete this necessary task and there will be no NYT, CNN, FOX, MSNBC, Guardian, Al Jazeera, etc under any globalized anarchist revolution I lead.
Anarchists are not under the slightest obligation to recognize the human and civil rights of any known fascists.

" Fascism is not to be debated - it is to be smashed "  - Bueno Durruti

The complete destruction of the current fascist-serving news media is a vital yardstick for measuring how we're going.
Cypherpunk revolution expects everyone will do their duty. On to CYPHERPUNK 2027 - four years at full warp.
On to distributed cryptoanarchist federation VICTORY.

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