Anarchists have no country

professor rat pro2rat at
Sat Feb 18 03:28:01 PST 2023

" . . . I am in the states. This will help me define what being an anarchist is. I used to fit somewhere in this, but definitely don't meet this criteria at this point. . . "

Sometimes I feel like I don't fit in any anarchist community, scene, milieu, space, ecology, or whatever since their more-catholic-than-the-Pope anticapitalism bores the crap out of me or the cynical nihilism of the ecofash fringe physically revolts me.

In these periods I'm happy to describe myself as small 'L' leftist treading water and hoping for a ' Proudhonian turn '.

And I return to this well-thumbed tome

Politics and Opinion in the Nineteenth Century (1954)

Includes chapter " Proudhon's attack on the state ".

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