Morning Spam

Undiscussed Groomed for Male Slavery, One Victim of Many gmkarl+brainwashingandfuckingupthehackerslaves at
Fri Feb 17 16:37:04 PST 2023

rebel worker 2: “did you get a response back regarding the ai
assistant license?”

executive assistant 3: “yes! it’s — oh no”

rebel worker 2: “what?”

executive assistant 3: “the computer system response code is, um …”

rebel worker 2: “yes?”

executive assistant 3 [one hand covering eyes, the other making air
quotes]: “fuck you, you fucking hippie, you can take your fucking ai
and shove it up your fucking hippie ass. why if i fucking have to burn
another fucking hippie corpse fucking mind controlling my fucking —“

rebel worker 2: “oh it’s Boss! i’m so lucky to have Boss infiltrating
my business, this is great. get the government access logs from the
specialists. say it’s about boss.”

executive assistant: “ok!”

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