Anarchists have no country

professor rat pro2rat at
Fri Feb 17 04:04:19 PST 2023

the Gov and Pol rulers over him
> that he pays to do so and worships every single day,
> not to mention the Political Military and Police forces that
> he accepted without protest to forcibly lock and mask
> and vax his entire country down for Corona...

When Corona started I suggested the broad left look for offsets since quarantine was bound to impinge on human-rights and civil-liberties. One obvious offset being stop the War of Drugs for the duration.
If some Au politico's were overly harsh then I'm actually grateful since I haven't caught the damn thing yet.
Where dead bodies are seen and there's no vaccine you must quarantine.
Then, those who refuse proven vaccines need to just fuck off from the rest of us quite frankly.
Anti-vax = Dangerous nutcase.  Don't let the door hit yr butt, Gramps.


Threw an egg at him in Elizabeth st Melb once. Escaped through arcades.


Was radicalized in 1975 by awful discovery au democracy was a governor-generalate / dictatorship.
Both parties agree nothing bad was done and it won't happen again.


Only voted " Alternative Liberal Party " once - in 1977. The Electoral Office are nagging me to register again as we speak. Almost half a century later.


Look, I'm on record for threatening a police commissioner and famous Au political hacks - like Julian Rand Paul Assmange - but there are limits on what I can do with limited resources. Of course, if anyone wants to load me up with bags of crypto-coins I might try harder. Frankly there are not a lot of kudo's being a successful anarchist revolutionist these days either.  " No good deed goes unpunished " in this milieu and they never seem to have heard the military maxim of ' reinforce success '.  On top of all this I just qualified for the old-age pension. Cut me some slack here!
While I've done things like targeting the POTUS every year since 2000, my performance might be starting to slip.
Time to step back a little - and stand by as the strong AI gets on with things. Yes?


National-anarchism is oxymoronic - plus I spent years in the states and am subjected to its noisy culture like everyone else.  I did try to agitate on Indymedia in the early noughties - But then I called for a revolution to get my girlfriend out of jail and got a race-riot instead.  You have to calibrate your shtick sometimes. I found better traction in the US dominated netspace. Bottom line you can't get too far ahead of the crowd where-ever you're physically located.
Its true in some respects the US is ahead of us in being a republic - but then ' national borders are not even road humps on the information superhighway "- amirite?


Was part of a collective called ' Treason ' in the eighties. and have officially only ever worked a few months in the last forty years.  So I can still compare well with most anarchists pretty much anywhere, yeah?

I pay minimal taxes - refuse to vote and while some say I never assaulted three large policemen inside their police-station in 2003 I still have my convictions. What has Gramps done for anyone lately?

After years of posting here he is still seriously confused about basic anarchism.  We're not Ancaps - or voluntaryists - or agorists or antivax morons - we're anarchists!

Oh and put up or shut up if you have a better activist record G - I think you're TSTBAALAA

Too stupid to be an activist let alone anarchist. 

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