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Total Internet Access and Usage Control
Make no mistake, with China Social Control, it's
Coming soon, courtesy the Porn Horseman...

"This Ain't Your Daddy's Playboy": US States Move Towards Mandatory
Age-Verification For Pornhub



After Louisiana required porn websites to verify users are 18 or older
last month, several states are considering introducing
age-verification measures so minors cannot access sites.

In Louisiana's case, verification can be done using a
government-issued ID. Websites like Pornhub prompt users in the
southern state with a "check my age" verification page before
accessing the main site.

According to Free Speech Coalition, a non-profit trade association of
the adult industry, their 'Age Verification Bill Tracker' shows
Arkansas, Virginia, Florida, South Dakota, West Virginia, Kansas, and
Mississippi are quickly moving toward passing age-verification laws.

Oregon, Texas, South Carolina, Minnesota, Utah, Oklahoma, Missouri,
and Arizona have introduced or planned to introduce age-verification

Pornhub owner MindGeek, who also operates Brazzers, YouPorn, and
Redtube, is required under the law to ask Louisiana-based users to
verify their age.

    "Louisiana law now requires us to put in place a process for
verifying the age of users who connect to our site from Louisiana. The
privacy and security of the Pornhub community is our priority, and we
thank you for your cooperation," the Pornhub website tells
Louisiana-based users.

    Hello from the surveillance state of Louisiana. People in
Louisiana have to use their drivers license to go to pornhub. This is
truly wild. Under his eye. https://t.co/uji6Jo3Tde
    — Public Defendering (@fodderyfodder) January 2, 2023

The movement to protect children appears to be driven by social
conservatives. Rep. Laurie Schlegel pushed Louisiana's
age-verification law. In December, she tweeted:

    "Online pornography is extreme and graphic and only one click away
from our children. This is not your daddy's Playboy. And if
pornography companies refuse to be responsible, then we must hold them
accountable. This law is a first step."

Finally, lawmakers are stepping up a campaign to block unfettered
access porn websites. But shouldn't the minor's parents be responsible
for internet-blocking software on devices?

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