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    Again I will say, all of this race nonsense started with Obama.
Biden's entire cabinet was appointed not on merit, but on race, sexual
orientation. I hold the Divider-In-Chief responsible for this.
    — 🇺🇸 🍑Catherine🍑 🇺🇸 (@cat_barnes30) February 16, 2023

East Palestine "Residents May Already Be Undergoing DNA Mutations,"
Class Action Lawsuit Alleges

Norfolk Southern Railway CEO Alan Shaw published a letter Thursday
that read, "We will not walk away, East Palestine."

But already, officials from Norfolk Southern ditched a meeting last
night with worried East Palestine, Ohio, residents who were only
searching for answers after a freight train with 150 cars (20 of which
were carrying hazardous materials) derailed in the small town,
resulting in a chemical disaster.

    East Palestine Ohio mayor Trent Conaway is furious the community
came out for a town hall and the railroad refused to show up Norfolk
Southern didn't have the nerve to address the town.
    — 🥀_Imposter_ (@Imposter_Edits) February 16, 2023

Norfolk Southern is not off to a great start. There are increasing
reports that residents are experiencing short-term health impacts
after the derailment and controlled burn of toxic chemical vinyl
chloride. Residents as far away as Pittsburgh are wondering about
potential health impacts, according to local media, Pittsburgh

    DeWine says they relied on models to determine possible fallout.
What could possible go wrong…
    — Jordan Schachtel (@JordanSchachtel) February 15, 2023

Recall this model we shared yesterday.

    — UAE Exotic Falconry & Finance (@FalconryFinance) February 15, 2023

And here's another model.

    #EastPalestine train derailed Friday Feb 3, 2023 at 8:55PM after
which "the fire spanned the length of the rail cars and continued for
several days." Link includes HYSPLIT run from Feb 6, several days
after the accident, when the controlled burn
    — #WearAMask (@StLawCovid) February 15, 2023

And then, there are long-term health implications with exposure to
vinyl chloride, such as an increased risk of developing a rare form of
liver cancer (hepatic angiosarcoma), liver cancer (hepatocellular
carcinoma), brain and lung cancers, lymphoma, and leukemia.

    These devices are scattered through East Palestine, Ohio.

    📸@realmonsanto & @lincolnmjay
    — Rebel News USA (@RebelNews_USA) February 15, 2023

Here's Shaw's full letter to the residents of East Palestine.

Nearly two weeks after the derailment, Norfolk Southern still hasn't
provided all information about what the train cars were carrying, New
York Daily News pointed out.

At the meeting last night, East Palestine resident Kathy Dyke asked
local officials and members of federal agencies:

    "Why are they being hush-hush?"

    "They're not out here supporting, they're not out here answering
questions. For three days, we didn't even know what was on the train."

    "I have three grandbabies," she continued. "Are they going to grow
up here in five years and have cancer? So those are all factors that
play on my mind."

Another woman questioned:

    "If there's nothing in the air and nothing in the water, why are
people still getting sick?"

One man exclaimed:

    "This whole town's infected!"

Even the journalists covering the derailment are getting sick from the fumes.

On Thursday, Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown wrote a letter to
Governor Mike DeWine to declare a disaster in East Palestine.

    "This is an unprecedented situation.

    "Hundreds of families were forced to flee their homes and are now
rightfully concerned about the potential long-term health risks
associated with exposure to the toxic chemicals released" Brown said,
adding DeWine should declare a disaster to "ensure that the community
has all the resources they need."

Meanwhile, a litigation wave has hit Norfolk Southern. The latest
lawsuit alleges that efforts by the rail company and local and state
authorities to burn off the dangerous chemicals made things worse and
demanded punitive damages and medical monitoring.

    "I'm not sure Norfolk Southern could have come up with a worse
plan to address this disaster.

    "Residents exposed to vinyl chloride may already be undergoing DNA
mutations that could linger for years or even decades before
manifesting as terrible and deadly cancers. The lawsuit alleges that
Norfolk Southern made it worse by essentially blasting the town with
chemicals as they focused on restoring train service and protecting
their shareholders," attorney John Morgan said in a statement, who was
cited by local media WFMJ.

"At least five class action negligence lawsuits have now been filed by
residents and business owners who were impacted by the fiery chemical
train derailment," The Independent said.

The photo above should've been on the front cover of every major
newspaper nationwide -- but it wasn't. Wonder why?

... and there's this.

    Again I will say, all of this race nonsense started with Obama.
Biden's entire cabinet was appointed not on merit, but on race, sexual
orientation. I hold the Divider-In-Chief responsible for this.
    — 🇺🇸 🍑Catherine🍑 🇺🇸 (@cat_barnes30) February 16, 2023

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