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The distraction from real work coming from appointing crazed woke
Dem sexual depravity (w twist of baby ops, ahem) strikes again,
after airport Gucci bag stealing pig-lipstick wearing nuke boy, and a
completely politically ruined ineffective and $pent military that not even the
second woke President has any of its former honorable self left to command,
this sordid trainwreck adored by the wokester crowd has apparently
been too busy lubricating bungholes instead of greasing axles...
people are dying from the bullshit of wokeism.

Destroying Meritocracy Is Deadly

A recent epidemic of airline near misses deserves both attention and reflection.

In mid-December, a San Francisco-bound United Airlines Boeing 777-200
airliner, just a little over a minute after taking off from Maui,
Hawaii, suddenly dived. It lost more than half its altitude and came
within 800 feet of crashing into the Pacific Ocean before pulling up.

About a month later, an American Airlines jet crossed the runway at
New York City’s John F. Kennedy International Airport just as a Delta
Air Lines plane was accelerating for takeoff. The two aircraft nearly

Then in February, a FedEx cargo jet at the Austin, Texas airport just
missed crashing into a Southwest Airlines airliner by a mere 100 feet.

The same month an American Airlines Airbus A321 was being towed out of
the gate at Los Angeles International airport, and smashed into a bus
carrying passengers between terminals, injuring five.

These near and actual accidents come amid a general landscape of aviation chaos.

After Christmas, Southwest Airlines simply canceled 71 percent of its
flights. It blamed staff shortages due to storms. The airline seemed
incapable of ensuring enough of their pilots, attendants, crews, and
airport staff could get to work.

The Federal Aviation Administration in January canceled all flight
departures from the United States for two hours due a computer safety
system collapse. Thousands of additional flights were canceled, many
for over 24 hours.

Something has gone terribly wrong.

Either the Department of Transportation and its Secretary Pete
Buttigieg, or the head of the FAA, or the quality of either ground
crews, pilots, or air traffic controllers — or all combined — are
putting American travelers at mortal risk.

If not corrected, these near-death airline experiences and the near
collapse of the U.S. commercial aviation system presage catastrophes
to come.

Similar problems are plaguing the U.S. military.

On July 21, 2021 the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley
assured the country that “The Afghan security forces have the capacity
and capabilities needed to fight and defend their country.”

Those forces utterly collapsed in a matter of hours less than a month later.

On the eve of the war in Ukraine, the Pentagon wrongly warned Congress
that Kyiv could fall within 72 hours of a general Russian invasion.

This month, the Defense Department officials apparently allowed a
series of surveillance balloons to enter U.S. airspace. President Joe
Biden claims he was advised by the military not to shoot down a
Chinese survival balloon craft as it crossed with impunity much of the
United States.

In the aftermath, Pentagon spokespeople gave incomplete, mutually
contradictory, and absurd explanations for these serial violations of
U.S. airspace, most likely perpetrated by the Chinese communist

The Pentagon likewise disputes details of recruitment shortfalls. But
the military brass concedes that many branches of the military are
still between a third to a quarter short of their recruitment goals —
despite the military steadily lowering standards for enlistment. It
denies that the new woke military culture has alienated future
recruits, although polls suggest otherwise.

The same shortfall is true of U.S. weapon arsenals. Between cuts in
the defense budget, poor procurement planning, incompetent
administration, and massive arms shipments to Ukraine, the military
suffers dangerously low inventories of anti-tank and anti-aircraft
missiles, artillery shells, rockets, missiles, and mines.

America’s security, safety, prosperity, and postmodern lifestyles are
not our birthright.

They are the dividends of centuries of prior hard work, unfettered
freedom of speech, disinterested research, and a meritocracy.

Tamper with any of that and the system begins to fall apart.

The United States will then resemble the miasma we see in most of the
world abroad where ideology suppresses free inquiry, political
correctness warps research, and tribalism trumps meritocracy.

Many of the major airlines have established racial and gender quotes
for government pilot training programs. United Airlines has set quotas
to ensure half of its trainees will be minorities or women. Since
2013, the FAA has been lowering standards for air traffic control
qualifications to achieve de facto race and gender quotas.

In testimony before Congress our top military brass has bragged not of
their reduction in standards for enlistment, but of their “diversity”
hiring, as they purportedly ferret out “white supremacy” and “white

In sum, our government is playing with our lives as it prefers
diversity, equity, and inclusion over ensuring the best qualified
employees are hired on the basis of racially and gender-blind
competitive tests and experience.

Keep it up, and there are going to be a lot more Afghanistan-style
surrenders, Chinese surveillance craft in our skies, and airline

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