Rally: Rage Against The War Machine, Washington DC, Feb 19 2023

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> What happens if my concerns are completely unfounded?
> Nothing.
> What happens if my concerns are justified and ignored?
> Nothing good.
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> End the global war machines.
> Feb 19... Washington DC.
> Share, Donate, Be There.
> Libertarian, Voluntaryism, Cryptocurrency, Freedom,
> Peace, the People, and more... joining forces.
> And soon around the world.
> Rage Against the War Machine
>    Join us  at the Lincoln Memorial at 12:30 pm on Sunday, February 19th,
> on
>    the anniversary of the Ukraine War and President's Day Weekend, to Rage
>    Against the War Machine! Veterans, speakers, rock musicians, comedians,
>    and more. After the rally, we'll march to the White House and deliver
> our
>    demands to Warmonger-in-Chief Joe Biden.
> https://duckduckgo.com/?iar=videos&iax=videos&ia=videos&q="rage+against+the+war+machine"
> Libertarian Party Mises Caucus @LPMisesCaucus
> The may be no industry on earth that profits from the suffering and
> death of the innocent more than the defense industry. Together,
> industry and government have created a horrible system which chews
> people up in an endless cycle of war and privation across the world.

Ron Paul: How We Can Stop The Coming War With Russia


Authored by Ron Paul via The Ron Paul Institute,

Twenty years ago this spring the US government was finally successful
in lying us into war with Iraq. Administration after administration
had sanctioned and bombed and even invaded the country, but finally 20
years ago next month the Bush Administration unleashed “shock and awe”
to flatten a country that did not and could not threaten the United

After eight years of battle in Iraq perhaps as many as a million
innocent people died, either directly or indirectly, from Washington’s
aggression. No one was brought before a tribunal over the lies and
destruction. No one even apologized. Washington’s puppet of the day,
Ahmed Chalabi, brushed off the lies about Iraq’s WMDs by proclaiming
that the war promoters were “heroes in error.” They got their regime
change and that’s all they cared about.

The propaganda machine pushing the Iraq war seemed overwhelming at the
time. At that time several fellow Members of Congress began to open
communication across party lines to look for way to stop the war. From
conservatives like the late Rep. Walter Jones and Rep. John Duncan, to
progressives like Rep. Dennis Kucinich and Rep. Jim McGovern, and so
many more, we began to organize and strategize.

One tool we used to our advantage was the idea of an “improbable”
coalition of left and right uniting to oppose the war. The media may
not have been interested in our antiwar views, but they could not help
themselves when presented with this “man bites dog” story. Time and
again this “unlikely” group held press conferences, introduced various
legislative tools, and communicated behind the scenes to try and grow
the movement against the Iraq war.

Unfortunately with the 2008 election of Barack Obama, who ran as an
antiwar candidate but then launched numerous military attacks abroad,
that old coalition fell apart. Some progressives excused Obama’s
militarism and lost interest in cooperating with conservatives. Some
conservatives were driven by their personal dislike of Obama and lost
sight of the target.

Suddenly, as we face the once-unimaginable prospect of a direct
military conflict with nuclear-armed Russia over Ukraine, a beyond
Left-Right coalition is emerging from its long slumber.

This Sunday, February 19th, a broad and very diverse group will
assemble in Washington, DC at the Lincoln Memorial to denounce
Washington’s sleepwalking into World War III.

The “Rage Against The War Machine” rally promises to be the first
large-scale rally against Washington’s aggressive war lobby in many
years. I am looking forward to sharing the stage with my good friends
and former House colleagues Dennis Kucinich and Tulsi Gabbard, as well
as my good friend and fellow libertarian Judge Andrew Napolitano, and
so many more speakers from a broad political spectrum.

Many of us have watched with alarm as the Biden Administration – with
the enthusiastic backing of many Congressional Republicans – has
continuously escalated involvement in the Russia/Ukraine conflict and
now sits dangerously close to a direct, hot war with the largest
nuclear superpower on earth.

How did we get here? Where are the sane voices and cooler heads? Just
when it seemed they were nowhere to be found, here we are! I hope as
many people as possible will join us and continue to come together for
this important cause. We must join together while we still can. No war
with Russia!

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