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Wall St. Journal Report Says You Should Stop Eating To Save Money

Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News,

The Wall Street Journal published a report today that suggests
Americans should combat economic strife by only eating two meals per

It sounds like a Babylon Bee story, but less amusing.

Eggs, cereals, fruit and coffee are among the foods that have rocketed
in price the most, and so perhaps breakfast should just be consigned
to the dustbin of history, according to the report.

    Skipping meals to make ends meet?

    This is how badly Biden’s economy is beating down average
    — John Kennedy (@SenJohnKennedy) February 15, 2023

The report notes “Egg prices increased 8.5% in January from a month
earlier and are up 70.1% over the past year, the highest annual rate
since 1973.”

It continues, “The deadliest avian-influenza outbreak on record has
devastated poultry flocks across the U.S., leading the price of eggs
to rise more than any other grocery item in 2022, according to
Information Resources Inc. U.S. egg inventories were 29% lower in the
final week of December 2022 than at the beginning of 2022, according
to the USDA.”

They really don’t want you eating eggs.

    Biden’s America:

    Can’t afford groceries? Just don’t eat. pic.twitter.com/GthkevMxMb
    — Rep. Dan Bishop (@RepDanBishop) February 15, 2023

The report also blames the “continued effects from Russia’s invasion
of Ukraine,” for rampant inflation.

    Stop complaining about inflation -- just skip breakfast. From
@WSJ: https://t.co/0QkoNvFNqx pic.twitter.com/3IdIsSDLXC
    — Byron York (@ByronYork) February 15, 2023

    intermittent fasting to avoid inflation https://t.co/rWfAQwCGrV
    — Eli Yokley (@eyokley) February 15, 2023

This even goes beyond the disgusting ‘eat ze bugs’ propaganda. Just
don’t eat anything at all in order to survive. Genius.

    If you skip breakfast, lunch and dinner you can save even more
money. https://t.co/CCTJDIxt4R
    — Douglas A. Boneparth (@dougboneparth) February 15, 2023

Meanwhile, Joe Biden claimed again today that his economic plan is working:

    Biden cites gas prices, inflation, and wages to claim "the Biden
economic plan is working.”

    FACT: Since Biden took office, gas prices are up, inflation is up,
and real wages are down. pic.twitter.com/8Dde7mbb55
    — RNC Research (@RNCResearch) February 15, 2023

Biden said yesterday that the latest inflation report was good and
that prices are down, a complete lie.

    Biden insists the inflation report is "good news" while falsely
claiming wages are up, and food and gas prices are down.

    FACTS: The report showed inflation accelerated from last month.
Since Biden took office, real wages are down and food and gas prices
have skyrocketed. pic.twitter.com/CB2I8LHu3r
    — RNC Research (@RNCResearch) February 14, 2023

    Biden: Food prices are coming down.

    Reality: Grocery prices are up 11.8% from last year.
    — Rep Andy Biggs (@RepAndyBiggsAZ) February 8, 2023

    A North Carolina nonprofit says they have seen a 38% increase in
the number of people needing grocery assistance.

    "As food prices go up, so does the number of people who are
hungry." pic.twitter.com/oKykGzEYSh
    — RNC Research (@RNCResearch) February 15, 2023

    “Wow:” CNN reports on the sky-high costs of groceries, rent, and energy.

    "You are feeling inflation everyday." pic.twitter.com/BstV0JVet6
    — RNC Research (@RNCResearch) February 14, 2023

    Days with "lower" gas prices under Biden: 0️⃣ pic.twitter.com/aF0ufFNsvM
    — RNC Research (@RNCResearch) February 15, 2023

    Top Biden economic advisor Cecilia Rouse: "Yes, the price of eggs"
continues to increase, but at least it's at "a slower rate." 🥴

    ...the price of eggs is up 70% over last year. pic.twitter.com/9qKxQ6ZDj4
    — RNC Research (@RNCResearch) February 14, 2023

    Biden said his economic plan is working:


    1) inflation went up to 6.4%

    2) food prices went 11.4%

    3) Joe Biden has not reduced the deficit. His first two years were
2 of the 4 highest deficits in HISTORY

    ATTENTION: Joe Biden is a pathological LIAR
    — strac (@ttstrac) February 14, 2023

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