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Crypto was promised to be the force that would
stand down all the planet's murder machines...
as crypto has yet to do anything even remotely close to that.
Be prepared.

Second Russian Aircraft Intercept Over Alaska Within 48 Hours

NORAD on Thursday has belatedly acknowledged a second Russian aircraft
intercept incident this week, after earlier confirming the initial one
involving four inbound Russian planes, which happened Monday.

"For the second time this week, NORAD has scrambled fighter jets on
Valentine's Day to intercept Russian Tu-95 Bear bombers off the coast
of Alaska, it claimed", according to fresh reports.

Like in first incident, NORAD dispatched a pair of fighter jets, both
F-35s, to intercept the Russian planes as they they approached
Alaska's Air Defense Identification Zone, officials said Thursday.

"This is the second intercept of Russian aircraft over two days. This
Russian activity near the North American ADIZ occurs regularly and is
not seen as a threat, nor is the activity seen as provocative," NORAD
added in the fresh statement.

Interestingly, NORAD called both of this week's incidents "routine" -
given it has happened an estimated six to seven times a year on
average over the past decade or more. Additionally, no breach of
actual US airspace was reported by the Russian planes, just the
outlying ADIZ.

But such breaches coming twice within a 48 hour period has been
extremely rare. Also, Russian state media appears to be actively
publicizing these maneuvers off Alaska, including with videos.

Monday's statement had emphasized that "Russian aircraft remained in
international airspace and did not enter American or Canadian
sovereign airspace. This Russian activity in the North American ADIZ
occurs regularly and is not seen as a threat, nor is the activity seen
as provocative," it continued.

    If anyone is wondering about Russia’s resolve, Russia is sending
nuke-capable 'Bear' bombers over Alaska and has 'deployed
nuclear-armed ships in Baltic for first time in 30 years.
    — (@GeopoliticsW) February 15, 2023

Heightened tensions are ongoing with Russia related to the Ukraine
war, but the intercepts also come following the unusual spate of
'unidentified object' shootdowns by US fighters over the past
week-and-a-half, two of which were in far northern regions, including
northeastern Alaska and Canada's Yukon territory.

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