Cryptocurrency: Free Alexey Pertsev [WarOnCrypto - Tornado.Cash SW Speech CensorBanned by UST OFAC SDN]

grarpamp grarpamp at
Thu Feb 16 18:37:40 PST 2023

Free Alexey "Alex" Pertsev

Alexey wrote code, agnostic, for freedom and privacy.
They jailed him since 160 days ongoing.
Alexey harmed no one.

   ‘S-HERTEGONBOSCH, THE NETHERLANDS – Alexey Pertsev, a developer of
   crypto privacy tool Tornado Cashm will have to remain in jail after a
   Wednesday hearing in his trial on money laundering charges.

   A panel of Dutch judges at the East Brabant Court agreed that the Russian
   web developer could flee or seek to hide evidence if freed on bail.
   Pertsev has denied the charges against him. His next hearing will take
   place in late April.

   Pertsev was arrested in August, just days after the U.S. Treasury
   Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) sanctioned the
   anonymizing tool for crypto transactions, which it says was used to fund
   North Korean hackers. Under the Dutch system of pre-trial detention,
   charges against Pertsev were not unveiled until a November court

   Dutch public prosecutor Martine Boerlage alleged that, rather than merely
   publishing code, Pertsev and others ran Tornado like a business, comparing
   them to bank clerks accepting piles of suspicious cash without question.

   Pertsev’s arrest has drawn protests from Edward Snowden and the
   local crypto community, while the OFAC sanctions have drawn criticism
   from privacy and crypto advocates.

   Read more: ‘We Are All Fucked’: The Developers of Tornado Cash
   and the Future of Crypto

   Speaking to CoinDesk outside the courtroom, Pertsev’s lawyer Keith Cheng
   said the hearing had been a “good beginning” in educating the court
   about how decentralized finance works.

   “We had the opportunity to explain what the basis is for Tornado Cash
   and, and why it is not money laundering,” Cheng said. “It is our
   opinion that the lack of knowledge is what's keeping him here.”

   “Of course I’m disappointed” that Pertsev won’t be released on
   bail, Cheng said “He will fight until the end to show what the
   importance is of decentralized options, software and open source code.”

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