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Thu Feb 16 16:57:18 PST 2023

conserving energy and focus

human beings have only so many calories and can only remember and do
things so much and so fast.

so, if you happen to be guiding a ton of organisms to do really
important things, you don’t want to over- (or under-) tax them. just
because somebody can do a backflip once doesn’t mean you can rely on
it happening a lot on a moment to moment basis!

there’s a very important part of this skill where you develop a sense
for whether people are happy and excited and productive etc  vs
frustrated confused injured etc. this is a really important
distinction to stay in touch with and get a handle on.

people should be doing work when they are happy and productive. when
they are injured and confused they should stop working and spend time
learning and educating people around reducing the problem.

with practice you can notice and key onto things like “tears” and
“joyful smiles” really quickly and effectively, and really work with
people well!

also if you are not making these things yourself to indicate your
happiness and such this is another component to learn well.

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