Cryptocurrency: Action - Squeeze George Soros Evil Nutsack Till He Pays

grarpamp grarpamp at
Thu Feb 16 12:38:16 PST 2023

Soros shorted Silvergate (SI) the crypto friendly bank, so now
crypto coiners are throwing money into SI to force Soros
and the rest of the anti-crypto shorts to buy back at
an infinite price squeeze. Justice Served Soros Style ;-)

search: Silvergate Squeeze Soros Soros Psychopath
Long history of amoral diabolical activities easily searched, from
Globalist, Fiat gambling country wrecker, hypocrite Jewish persecutor,
Socialist Marxist Communist funder and supporter of violence,
and now to Anti-Crypto friend of GovBankCorpPolFiat.

Sound money crypto has already achieved global charitable
giving and, when held and used distributed in the hands of a
Free Conscious Humanity, shall end these global tyrants and
politicians, and their wars, genocide, theft, murder, and rape.

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