Revealed: USAID’s workforce crisis

Gunnar Larson g at
Thu Feb 16 11:30:29 PST 2023

Low morale and empty desks, aid workers who say they are treated like
office supplies, warnings against organized strikes, and a “virtual caste
system” of inequitable hiring mechanisms — the U.S. Agency for
International Development is in the throes of a workforce crisis.

For years, USAID has been warned that its workforce system is broken. Now,
it’s becoming harder to ignore.

Interviews with key members of Administrator Samantha Power’s team and aid
workers bearing the brunt of two decades of dysfunction, and dozens of
reports and internal documents, paint a picture of an agency in an
increasingly untenable position. The situation is threatening its ability
to respond to unprecedented levels of humanitarian need.

Power has pledged to tackle the issue — but can she?
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