Protest: USA 10Million March Against Corrupt Congress July 4 2023

grarpamp grarpamp at
Sun Feb 12 23:10:12 PST 2023
- Term limits
- Ban All Lobbying
- Ban All Insider Trading
- Abolish The Federal Reserve
- And more...

"You don't have a government of public servants. You have a cesspool
of politician grifters who are puppets of the corporate, pharma,
defense contractor, and big tech lobbyists and the ultra-rich Club
of Rome elites who bribe and own them. Ban all lobbying. Take the
power back. -- Ghost of Benjamin Franklin"

Who the Fuck is with me? Am I gonna be the only one here July 4? Or
will we be 10 million strong, Left and Right? This is the only way
it's gonna happen.
Who the Fuck is with me? We get fucked by all our politicians, both
sides of the aisle. We need to unite with the left on ending
corruption. JULY 4 2023 BE THERE.
We need term limits, like right now. Only way that happens is if we
get 10 million people, Left and Right, to go DC on July 4, 2023 and
literally have giant signs that read "We demand term limits and ban
all lobbying now. We come in peace. Anyone who who destroys property
or trespasses is not us."
We need to ban all lobbying now. There's no valid argument for any
form of paying politicians money to do things. The only way our bought
off Congress will ban lobbying is if we do mass peaceful protests and
scream for it. They'll never act unless they feel pressured. We can do
it. July 4, 2023. DC.
-- PalatableMahogany

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