Cryptocurrency: The Four Great Fatal Flaws And Frauds Of Bitcoin, Africa Discovers

grarpamp grarpamp at
Sun Feb 12 19:40:56 PST 2023

The Four Great Fatal Flaws And Frauds Of Bitcoin

- Pathetically Unservicable Transaction Rate
- Massive Growth Of Storage Required To Store TX
- Absolute Total Lack Of Privacy
- Lightning Network

Bitcoin best resolve the first three,
and soon, lest it be abandoned by all but
the elites who can afford to transact upon
it after the next cycle peak. Even they
will eventually leave it for lack of privacy.

Africa will soon discover these truths...
that BTC shills have defrauded them out of the
possibility of a True Crypto Future...

Any "fixes" that Bitcoiners apply to Bitcoin to solve
these three things can no longer legitimately be called
"Bitcoin" under their caretaking... the hypocrisy of their
refusal to even attempt fix them earlier exposes that fact.

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