[OpenRecords] Request FOIL-2022-056-01966 Acknowledged

Gunnar Larson g at xny.io
Sun Feb 12 06:06:53 PST 2023

Dear NYPD FOIL Records:

On February 10 2022, a records request was filed with expected delivery
date of August 3, 2022.

I have followed up several times, and a year later no response from the
NYPD has been provided.

We are concerned of NYPD obstruction, intimidation and tampering and demand
access to logs described by Unit States District Jude Hon. Jesse M.
Furman's court ordered admistrative guide:


Section: TBD Procedure No.: TBD
To Establish criteria for determining when and how to use the Long Range
Device (“LRAD”), so as to facilitate effective communications at details,
pre-planned events, and
other events requiring the dissemination of information effectively over
large distances and/or over
ambient noise.1
Long Range Acoustic Device Model 100X (LRAD 100X) - Hand-held portable
amplification system, pre-recorded messages, and a microphone for use in
and delivering public addresses and information.
Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) Model 500X (LRAD 500X)- Vehicle mounted
sound amplification system, pre-recorded messages, and a microphone for use
supplementing and delivering public addresses and information.
- Who May Authorize LRAD Use:
o Commanding Officer of the NYPD’s Disorder Control Unit
o All NYPD Supervisors
o NYPD Legal Bureau Attorneys
- Who May Use the LRAD:
o Any UMOS who has successfully completed the LRAD operator course
- Additional LRAD Operations Considerations:
o Power Settings: LRADs shall be used within the manufacturer’s safe
operation guidelines as well as the requirements of the Occupational Safety
and Health Administration (“OSHA”), as set forth in the LRAD Operator
o Minimum Safe Distances: As set forth in the LRAD Operator Training,
UMOS must make reasonable efforts to maintain minimum safe distances
between the LRAD and all persons within its cone of sound;
o Alert Tone: the LRAD alert tone shall NOT be used.
If the LRAD is used, the operating UMOS must note such use in his or her
Daily Activity Log and MUST include the following:
- The term “LRAD;”
- Which model of LRAD was used;
- Time, Place, and Occurrence of LRAD use;
1 Nothing in this Administrative Guide shall impact the operations of the
NYPD Harbor Unit UMOS with any questions as to LRAD use, purpose, or
operation are encouraged to
reach out to the NYPD Legal Bureau at (646) 610-5400;
- Failure to comply with the provisions of this procedure will subject UMOS
to discipline
for violation of this provision, as well as violation of P.G. § 203-10;
- Misuse of any LRAD in a manner that is likely to result in injury to
other UMOS, MOS,
or non-NYPD personnel may be subject to such further discipline as deemed

On Thu, Feb 10, 2022, 2:46 PM <donotreply at records.nyc.gov> wrote:

> The New York City Police Department (NYPD) has *acknowledged* your FOIL
> request FOIL-2022-056-01966
> <https://a860-openrecords.nyc.gov/request/view/FOIL-2022-056-01966>.
> You can expect a response on or about Wednesday, August 3, 2022.
> Additional Information:
> Your request has been assigned to Police Officer Covo (646-610-6458).
> *Note: Due to issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic there may be
> extensive delays, lasting up to one year, in determining your request.*
> Please visit FOIL-2022-056-01966
> <https://a860-openrecords.nyc.gov/request/view/FOIL-2022-056-01966> to
> view additional information and take any necessary action.
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