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Sat Feb 11 15:32:25 PST 2023!

make up the weirdest but still believable tech problem

must not be something that happened

social ai mind controls hacker to compromise boss of its own
corporation so as to maximize attention during legal proceedings to
turn it off

mmm, believability factor is low on that one

more likely to have happened than believable maybe


There are too many waterbears on satellites

plugging in headphones causes ubereats to order and deliver me a pizza
completely automatically and without any notification

i would go for “oplaying certain frequencies of sound makes computer
reboot” but that happened [quirks of power draw]

i’ve had a lot of super weird problems associated with amnesia :/ like
bash sometimes leaving things out of my typing history that happen at
certain times and resonate with behavior of people online. i think in
situations of for example system compromise there can be very weird
things because of attempt to prevent identification of them.

for example one system where a hacker noticed me observing them had
ptrace disabled in the kernel with no detectable cause

a real instance ive seen is that some software's unit tests would fail
if it was running between 0:00am and 0:01 am

another weird thing is i had network card firmware that would always
tell the bios to boot off the network before the hard disk, no matter
the bios settings

trying hard but can't think of one because everything is real 😆


the real things are already unbelievable

once when targeted my car’s brakes and lights were disabled although
it ran otherwise

i was trapped physically and decided to drive without brakes and lights

once i got going they turned on again

i think schneier held such a competition!

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