xNY.io - Bank.org: NY-DFS Bank Applications Catch-Up

Gunnar Larson g at xny.io
Sat Feb 11 12:43:44 PST 2023

Dear Dr. Weintraub:

How are you? I hope fantastic.

xNY.io - Bank.org is happy to share good progress on our initial
conversations with your office. Our board director search has been a very
exciting experience.

Dr. Weintraub, our conversations together have discussed the notion of
interlocking directorates. Through other channels, NY-DFS has communicated
feedback on New York's position of bank interlocking directorates vs.
non-bank directorates. We have further clarification from the Department of
Justice on interlocking directorates here:

The xNY.io "CryptoBank" white paper has been a significant playbook to the
legacy of the endeavor. However, Bank.org is now under a statute
of limitations concern as described by Judge Donald Middlebrooks, for the
Southern District of Florida.

I will call your office on Monday to discuss and share xNY.io - Bank.org's
intent on approaching the timeline stipulations so you are familiar with
our board director search progress. We anticipate a productive 2023 ahead.

Greatly looking forward to completing stage one of our application, with
delivery to your office for scrutiny.

Have a great day and thank you,

*Gunnar Larson - xNY.io <http://www.xny.io/> | Bank.org <http://bank.org/>*
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