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It’s because of youtube-dl that we have the audio recordings
of Bitfinex executive admitting to bank fraud


Feb 7, 2018
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The Audio Recordings Bitfinex doesn’t want you to hear.

Bitfinex is mad because I actually took the effort to listen to all of
their available recordings of their public chat channels. They know
these channels can be recorded. They are public.

Anyone can go onto them and listen to them. They even stream it on YouTube.

In some cases, the principals behind Tether and Bitfinex make some
startling admissions, including admitting to what I consider to be
bank fraud, money laundering, and even admitting that they even
considered doing fraud… but then say they totally didn’t.

Here are those recordings. You should save these immediately and
repost them to as many places as possible.

None of these recordings were obtained illegally. Whalepool has taken
great effort to delete their copies of these recordings, and
unfortunately for them, I already got them and re-shared them.

Starting from the very beginning:

Phil Potter, Bitfinex/Tether executive admits to playing shell games with banks
Whalepool deleted the source of this recording almost immediately. We
have it available for us to hear because I have been on top of them.

Phil Potter, Bitfinex/Tether executive admits to trading on his own
exchange. They could be frontrunning their own customers. Tries to
explain how he doesn’t trade he just buy’s and sells… uh… huh?

Phil Potter, Bitfinex/Tether executive is asked who is in charge of
Bitfinex. For some reason this question sends him into a panic.

Phil Potter, Bitfinex/Tether executive admits that their plan was to
pay off Bitfinex tokens with Tethers. Admits that Bitfinex owns

Phil Potter, Bitfinex/Tether executive admits that he knew that the
lawsuit against Wells Fargo was nonsense and that Wells Fargo had a
right to deny the transactions. The goal was to get a temporary
injunction to buy time.

After Bitfinex/Tether lost banking, anytime someone asked about Tether
ties to Bitfinex, Phil Potter denied a relationship. Paradise Papers
proved there was.

This is Phil Potter contradicting himself.

Giancarlo Devasini, the Chief Financial Officer of Bitfinex/Tether
admitting he seriously thought of pushing wash trades through the
system, then says he totally didn’t. This was recorded before they
lost banking and were desperate.

The CEO of Bitfinex, is not really in charge. The Chief Financial
Officer of Bitfinex admits that he is the primary decision maker, and
that Phil Potter is his partner. I believe the CEO is simply a nominee
CEO, like a nominee director for their shell/shelf corporations that
they use for banking.

Giancarlo Devasini, Chief Financial Officer of Bitfinex/Tether admits
to some sketchy math they used to ‘repay’ the BFX tokens.

Essentially, they told people they could get their money back quicker
by converting to equity, then selling shares to another shareholder.

This is called a ponzi scheme.

Giancarlo Devasini, Chief Financial Officer of Bitfinex/Tether admits
they trade on multiple exchanges, meaning they could be manipulating
multiple books and not just Bitfinex.

A whalepool ‘institutional’ customer claiming he buys Tethers for
money, yet afraid to describe how the process works.

Also forgets just because he bought Tethers with real money, doesn’t
mean all Tethers are being bought with real money.

Phil Potter, Bitfinex/Tether executive admits that wash trading is
happening on Bitfinex. Makes no effort to establish if wash trading
isn’t allowed, quite the contrary, claims there are reasons to ‘wash

And lastly, Phil Potter admitting they will list coins even they
consider to be scams.

Because nothing says a legitimate exchange like the Chief Strategy
Officer listing tokens which he considers to be scams in order to
profit from the scams themselves.

Save these recordings, because chances are they want them out of the
limelight. It is irrefutable proof of fraudulent activity on their

The source for all of these audio clips is from Whalepool’s Teamspeak
channel. Whalepool is staffed by Bitfinex shareholders.

They have repeatedly deleted videos from their channel that contain
these type of audio clips and continue to chant that “YOU HAVE NO

I have proof. I have their own voices admitting to fraudulent behavior.

I’m not going to be silenced.

Trade carefully.


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