Cryptocurrency: Kanye West For Crypto President 2024

grarpamp grarpamp at
Wed Feb 8 19:59:44 PST 2023

The mysterious "fourth man" at the infamous Trump-Ye-Fuentes
Mar-a-Lago dinner was a crypto bro.

Jamar Montgomery, dinner guest at Mar-a-Lago with Trump
... said, “the work that’s most important to me is the work that
I do for the people.” He cited his efforts to teach his community
about financial literacy, cryptocurrency and political science.

Montgomery ran for U.S. Senate in Louisiana in 2020 as a
no-party-affiliation candidate, ultimately earning 5,804 votes, and he
currently goes by the moniker “The Crypto Politician.”

Montgomery has said Ye and NBA player Kyrie Irving were “financially lynched.”

“He was very charming, and very personable,” Montgomery recalled of
the former president.

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