Cryptocurrency: You Foolish Crypto Soy Morons Begging For Regulators... You Are Killing Crypto

grarpamp grarpamp at
Wed Feb 8 13:39:29 PST 2023

Dubai bans Privacy Coins because YOU STUPID SHEEP LET THEM.

*YOU* are letting ALL of crypto be killed because *YOU* LACK BALLS.

STOP doing that.

It's a simple bigger balls psychological power game.

and tell the regulators to FUCK OFF.
You will win. No Regulators !!!

Dubai Prohibits Privacy Coins Like Monero Under New Crypto Rules
Dubai has prohibited all activities related to anonymity-enhancing
cryptocurrencies such as monero (XMR) as of Tuesday. The UAE published
its long-awaited crypto regulations, which sets licensing and
authorization requirements for virtual asset companies and issuers
looking to operate in Dubai. Japan has similar rules in place and the
EU is considering similar restrictions.

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