Cryptocurrency: Justin Sun Is A Scammer, Like Thousands Of Others

grarpamp grarpamp at
Wed Feb 8 02:08:40 PST 2023

Justin Sun is the biggest con artist / pump and dump scammer in crypto
(possibly in the entire world altogether). Here is list of all of his
pump & dumps since 2017 (Buttcoin CityofGrond).

As Justin Sun announced his “ChatGPT/AI payments system on Tron”, I
wanted to start a running thread on his long history of his bullshit
pump & dump announcements over the years promising Tron is on the cusp
of mass adoption, all which never came to anything.

Sun will one day be known as one of the most prolific con men/
grifters on the planet. He will do and say literally anything to get
in headlines and generate fake hype….profiting untold millions off his

Here’s a big list of just some of his grifts and bullshit so far:

1.Justin Sun aggressively hypes purchasing a $5 million lunch with
Warren Buffet (he intentionally canceled it multiple times to grab

2.Justin Sun makes pinky promise to “donate $1 million to Greta
Thunberg”…no proof it ever happened:

3.Justin Sun teases he will bail out FTX:

4.Justin Sun teases “Partnership” with a “$100 million mega

5.$100 Billion Partnership turns out to be putting an android app on
the Samsung store:

6.Justin Sun teases “huge partnership” with Baidu for weeks…turns out
he’s just purchasing their basic cloud services like a normal

7.Justin Sun teases partnership with LC Liverpool Football Club…the
club denied they’d ever spoken:

8.Justin Sun hosts a giveaway competition for a Tesla…refuses to give
the winner their prize:

9.Justin Sun faces backlash after involving customers in failed Ponzi
scheme in China :

10.Justin Sun calls his own coin a shitcoin:

11.Justin Sun files bullshit trademark opposition against Disney to
grab headlines :

12.Justin Sun teases $1 billion DCG acquisition that will never

13.Justin Sun said he partnered with Steve Wozniak…he didn’t:

14.Justin Sun claims he was trying to outbid Musk to acquire Twitter:

15.Justin Says says “most of China” uses tron and it will be a future
national currency:

16.Justin Sun accused of plagiarizing his white paper in 2018 by

17.Justin Sun promises to “turn down fake hype”, flees his government
ban traveling outside China:

18.In 2017 Justin Sun claimed Tron will replace the Apple App Store: 2017 Justin Sun teased Tron was partnering with Alibaba…it was a

20.In 2018 Justin Sun announces huge Tron partnership with Baofeng
Group, the “Netflix of China”…it never happened:

21.Justin Sun buys diplomat position in Grenada for extradition
immunity for his crimes:

Whatever he says, is a lie, extreme exaggeration, or flat fraud

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