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Lying Unconstitutional Democrats...
It's about ultimate unchecked power for them,
SocCom's the lot of them, time and time over history,
guns taken away, countries go to SocCom nightmares.

It's not about Freedom for you, proof,
Democrats never ever utter that word.

911 is a joke.
Only you can protect yourself.
And when you can't get away from danger,
the best protection is a sidearm.

Gun Control Laws Backfiring In California

After the three public shootings over the last two weekends in
California, Democrats are again clamoring for even more gun control
laws. To California Gov. Gavin Newsom, the solution is to ban more
places where people can carry permitted concealed handguns.
Unfortunately, the proposal has nothing to do with stopping these
attacks, and more gun-free zones only encourage these attacks. Other
heavily Democratic states such as New York, New Jersey, and Maryland
are making similar pushes.

Concealed handgun permit holders didn’t commit those or other mass
public shootings. Permit holders are also extremely law-abiding, being
convicted of firearms-related violations at 1/12th the rate of police

With the country’s strictest gun control laws, California probably
shouldn’t hold itself out as a model for the rest of the country to
follow. The periods after 2000, 2010, or 2020 show a consistent
pattern: The per capita rate of mass public shootings in California is
always greater than the rate for the rest of the country. The rate is
also much higher than for Texas, which gun control groups give an “F”
grade for its gun control laws. Since 2010, California’s mass public
shooting rate per capita is 43% higher than for Texas and 29% higher
than for the rest of the U.S. From 2020 on, California’s rate was 276%
higher than Texas’ and 100% higher than the rest of the country.

But while California is moving to create more gun-free zones, the
problem is that it has already been virtually impossible to get
concealed handgun permits in the parts of California where the attacks
occurred. In Los Angeles Country, where two of the attacks occurred,
there is only one permit for every 5,660 adults. In San Mateo County,
where the other attack occurred, there is one permit per every 24,630
adults. By comparison, there is one permit holder for every nine
people in the 43 right-to-carry states.

Unsurprisingly, concealed handgun permit holders don’t stop mass
public shootings in California. But they do make a difference in the
43 states where there are a lot of permit holders. Indeed, people
legally carrying guns stopped at least 31 mass public shootings since
2020. And when Americans are allowed to legally carry concealed
handguns, they stop about half the active shooting attacks in the US.

It is hard to ignore that these mass public shooters purposefully pick
targets where they know their victims cannot protect themselves. Yet,
the media refuses to discuss that these mass murderers often discuss
in their diaries and manifestos how they pick their targets. For
example, the Buffalo mass murderer last year wrote in his manifesto
explaining why he chose the target that he did: “Areas where CCW are
outlawed or prohibited may be good areas of attack” and “Areas with
strict gun laws are also great places of attack.”

That is a common theme among mass murderers. These killers may be
crazy, but they aren’t stupid. Their goal is to get media coverage,
and they know that the more people they kill, the more media attention
they will receive. And if they go to a place where their victims are
defenseless, they will be able to kill more people.

Even if an officer is in the right place at the right time, a single
uniformed police officer has an almost impossible job in stopping mass
public shootings. An officer’s uniform is a neon sign saying, “Shoot
me first.” Once the murderer kills the officer, the attacker has free
rein to go after others. But where concealed carry is allowed, the
attacker will have to worry that someone behind him is also armed.

Take school shootings: Twenty states, with thousands of schools, have
armed teachers and staff. There has not been one attack at any of
these schools during school hours since at least 2000 where anyone has
been killed or wounded. All the attacks where people have been killed
or wounded occurred in schools where teachers and staff can’t have

Newsom’s approach contrasts sharply with another country that faces
constant terrorist attacks. After a Jan. 27 mass public shooting in
Israel left seven people dead, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin
Netanyahu declared: “Firearm licensing will be expedited and expanded
in order to enable thousands of additional citizens to carry weapons.”

Unfortunately, California’s strict gun control laws create fertile
ground for successful mass public shootings. But the new push in some
states for more gun-free zones is guaranteed to give mass murderers
and other criminals even more hunting grounds.

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