Coronavirus: Thread

grarpamp grarpamp at
Tue Feb 7 21:17:56 PST 2023
MFA Russia @mfa_russia
@mod_russia: Russian personnel acquired over 20,000 documents of the
U.S. biological programmes. The materials confirm that the Pentagon
aimed at creating elements of a biological weapon, & testing it on the
population of Ukraine
@DonaldJTrumpJr weighs in on the @pfizer #DirectedEvolution bombshell
that has now been seen over 50,000,000 times around the world!
@YouTube Insider leaks "Urgent Guidance" document sent to employees on
how to handle the Project Veritas @pfizer #DirectedEvolution video
"Effective immediately as of 27 January 2023" "Violates the COVID-19
misinformation policy"

It’s undeniable that Covid-19 was created in the Wuhan lab with US
Govt funding and that the cleavage site in the spike protein was
inserted in the lab to achieve maximum transmissibility in humans.
Let’s say it how it is. This isn’t a lab leak. Covid-19 was released
on purpose.
We have a Military Industrial Complex creating endless wars to make
money by killing people. We now have a Pharma Industrial Complex
creating pandemics to make money by killing people. Both backed by the
@CIA which needs constant crisis to justify its existence, power &
@Pfizer Director Concerned Over Women's Reproductive Heath After
COVID-19 Vaccinations "There is something irregular about their
menstrual cycles...concerning...The vaccine shouldn't be interfering
with that...It has to be affecting something hormonal..." #Pfertility
WATCH: @TuckerCarlson Covers @pfizer "Bizarre" response to
#DirectedEvolution ADMITTING their involvement in COVID-19 mutations
We rented an LED truck and parked it outside of @pfizer world
headquarters in Manhattan today Stay tuned…

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