Cyberpunk fails as hard-sci-fi

professor rat pro2rat at
Mon Feb 6 07:50:04 PST 2023

Tales from the crypt
Real world cypherpunk revolution for anarchy is Cyberpunk's sole success story as far as I can see.  In its Bladerunner incarnation it started stupid and unrealistic and became even more so with the sequel.  The Matrix was cyberpunks last best shot - but it blew it with its own stupid and unrealistic aspects ( and sequels!) 
And also by then the author of ' The Cryptonomicon ' had been set straight on basic Snowcrash economics by the author of the ' The Cyphernomicon ".
The only vaguely possible cyberpunk alternative to cryptoanarchy looks increasingly confined to the Middle East, Burma and parts of Africa. Areas we plan to mop up by CYPHERPUNK 2027. Cyberpunk had its best chance in the early noughties and squibbed it. That shit-souffle future won’t rise twice, I promise you.
Cryptoanarchist Bladerunners hunt down discredited and boring cyberpunk genre-mongers and retire them ( beat ) permanently. 
Cryptoanarchy continues to rocket toward C-PUNK 2027 at full warp cos we’re young - they’re old and - such is life.
The anarchist utopian future keeps happening.  Cyberpunks get stiff in their crypt.

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