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Sat Feb 4 15:07:38 PST 2023

Incompetent Joe Biden the DemSocCom and his Admin non-team of
Brainlette Civvy Wokesters and Sex-addled Military Pride Parade let this spy
balloon cross, sample, and transmit the entire USA to China before deciding
to shoot it down after the fact. Sleepy Brain-dead "President" Biden failing
to defend the US airspace is a high impeachable offense. Americans
will not tolerate this... Joe Biden can kiss his ass goodbye.

Kevin McCarthy @SpeakerMcCarthy
First Biden refused to defend our borders. Now he won’t defend our skies.


A full week !!!
Faytuks News Δ @Faytuks
The Chinese balloon entered the US identification zone on Jan. 28,
entered Canadian airspace on Jan 30 and re-entered U.S. Airspace on
Jan 31, US Defense official tells Reuters

We already know this is total horseshlit bc they've been watching it
all the way across Alaska and Canada @disclosetv
NOW - Biden: "I ordered the Pentagon to shoot it down on Wednesday as
soon as possible."
Useless US Military sits on their ass watching NORAD screens
like Deer In Headlights while letting USA get NUKED from afar.

“Weighing” “US weighing decision to shoot down Chinese spy balloon
over Atlantic Ocean” Donald Trump would have blown that balloon up and
live-streamed it as entertainment if China tried to screw w/ us like
this during his administration. We need Trump!

House Judiciary GOP @JudiciaryGOP
Joe Biden knew the Chinese spy balloon was coming. Tried to hide it
from the American people. Let it fly across the ENTIRE COUNTRY. And
only after the entire country begged him to act, our great military
shot it down. Embarrassing. Scary. Sad.
God bless Alex Jones. Spot on EMP!

Eric Schmitt @Eric_Schmitt
The Chinese spy balloon was in US airspace for a week. It hovered over
nuclear silos and Air Force Bases. In addition to intel gathering
China was testing Biden on response time, decision making & he failed
miserably Full investigation needed. The American people deserve
Karine Jean-Pierre says Biden was briefed on the Chinese spy balloon
hovering over the United States "on TUESDAY" — but hid it from the
American people.
Biden promptly walks away when asked about how letting a Chinese spy
balloon surveil the U.S. for days before finally taking it down over
the ocean might impact our relations with China.

House Foreign Affairs Committee Majority @HouseForeignGOP
CHM @RepMcCaul: “The admin should have taken care of this before it
became a national security threat. I hope we will be able to recover
the wreckage to help determine what intelligence the CCP collected
while its spy balloon was over our country for days

99 CCP balloons
Floating over the Montana base
No red alert, Joe's gone lost
There's someone else who's now the boss
The war machine does nothing for days
They're too worried about their white rage
Xi just laughs as Mi Li cries
99 CCP balloons go spy

William "Balloon Guy" Kim @TheKimulation
I'm not sure people realize how big of a deal this is. High-altitude
balloons might not be as sexy as autonomous weapons or hypersonics but
I think they have the potential to be just as revolutionary for
warfare, if not more so.

"Democrat member of Congress suggests it's not a big deal that
communist China was spying on U.S. military installations...
'Repubs... Stop Panicking...'"
They're rubbing it in
Zhang Meifang张美芳 @CGMeifangZhang
Perhaps #China was simply giving the #US a balloon. Much like one
would give a child to make them feel better! #balloon #Saturdayvibe
CCP just running up the score
R A W S A L E R T S @rawsalerts
U.S. officials believe there could be a 3rd Chinese spy balloon which
is outside the U.S
Agree! The spy mission is complete! What happened today could of
the Chinese Spy Balloon off the coast of #SouthCarolina

But it’s too late! The damage has already been done! China is probably
going to attack the US w/ an EMP attack now that they know how
vulnerable we are. When you can’t feed your family, get clean water
and there’s no electricity or Internet, be sure to thank Joe Biden!

Hope Hodge Seck @HopeSeck
U.S. military’s newest weapon against China and Russia: Hot air via @politico

Terrence K. Williams @w_terrence
Biden was seen eating ice cream while watching the Chinese Spy Balloon
& he asked Jill Biden if it was his birthday and if he could hold the

I don’t just post doomsday posts each day for nothing. Something very
bad and apocalyptic is going to happen in our country over the next 2
years before the 2024 election. An EMP attack would wipe out our
entire electrical grid in the US. Our electrical grid is 100%
Laura Loomer @LauraLoomer
President Trump always warned us that China would own USA if Biden
somehow was allowed to occupy the White House. Media was too busy
making fun of the way he said CHI NA & too busy ignoring his warnings.
Trump was right. Something very bad is going to happen in this

I smile when I see Americans cheer and clap when communist objects are
blown up. I miss the America where we collectively cheered for our
country and against those who want to attack us. Patriotism and
nationalism have been outlawed in America.
Red Voice Media @redvoicenews
🚨BREAKING: Chinese Spy Balloon Shot Down Over South Carolina- Chad
Caton Caught It Live "Hey China, kiss my a**... Holy sh*t, that just
happened" - @ImFiredUp2

An EMP would wipe out our entire electric grid. Not just the Internet.
Do you like water? Do you like hospitals? Do you want your money out
of the bank? Do you want to drive your car? Do you want to eat food?
You need to wake up.

Biden would let it happen because God forbid the US interfere with
Hunter’s lucrative Chinese business deals. Our country built FEMA
STYLE “COVID CAMPS” for the unvaccinated. They shut off water & power
for ppl in CA who violated lockdown orders. Biden would let China kill
MissingRonnieR @MissingRonnieR
Theoretically, if he knew an EMP was going to detonate over the
majority of Red States what would Joe Biden do? Military World Powers
do not need dry runs.
Yeah. I don’t know what’s going to get them first. The booster shots,
or their lack of survival skills when we inevitably get hit with a
Chinese EMP

When a U.S. spy plane flew near Chinese air space in 2001, China sent
TWO FIGHTER JETS to take it down, ultimately clipping the U.S. fighter
plane and forcing an emergency landing in China. When China flies a
surveillance balloon over our nukes, we tell people to "look up." @townhallcom
REPORTER: "Does the public not have the right to know...?" PENTAGON:
"The public certainly has the ability to look up in the sky and see
where the balloon is."

DC_Draino @DC_Draino
Look at this clown trying to act tough saying he “ordered” the balloon
to be shot on Wednesday Bro you were steamrolled by your subordinates
They humiliated you in front of the world and you fell for it

Election Wizard 🇺🇸 @ElectionWiz
Today, the U.S. sent a powerful message to the world: If a hostile
nation invades our airspace with spy equipment, we'll let it loiter
around our strategic military sites for days before we take it out. I
bet Putin is quaking in his boots.
WHITE HOUSE: Biden ordered spy balloon shot down because vessel was
being used by China "in an attempt to surveil strategic sites in the
continental United States."

Joe Biden and his entire complex KNEW they were getting
attacked and DID NOTHING for days!!!
On 4 February 2023 an F-22 shot down an alleged Chinese spy balloon
within visual range with a single air-to-air missile off the coast of
South Carolina. Although unclear which missile was used, given the
range involved it was likely an AIM-9X Sidewinder. The Federal
Aviation Administration had issued an immediate ground stop over
airports in North and South Carolina for a national security
operation. The downing of the balloon marked the first time an F-22
engaged and destroyed an aircraft belonging to another nation.
    Project Genetrix
    Project Mogul
    Treaty on Open Skies
    1960 U-2 incident

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