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Thu Feb 2 14:20:53 PST 2023

PR and list, I am replying with a non sequitor

I began working this with with a user named kta from to work on an AI anarchy bot ( ). The original mission
statement was to “answer political and economic questions with song
lyrics in the style of Chumbawamba.”

I have succeeded at making 3 separate parts in the codebase:
- example code that connects to matrix in a swappable manner (
- example code that connects to a swappable language model service and
answers questions anarchically (
- example code that downloads the pages of, loads
them into an embedding database, and extracts knowledge from them that
relates to a query (

I would likely next use the qa features from langchain (
) to tie the behavior of answering questions with song lyrics, to the
knowledge in . I am presently quite burned out,
confused, etc, although that could change. I haven’t been speaking
with the person who owns the project.

If anybody would like to try to download the vector database i
generated of in a format loadable by the example
code, i am presently magic-wormhole sending it from a firewalled
system with wormhole code 6-microwave-pupil . Likely this is not very
useful but exists!

Here are example outputs from the codebase:

$ python3 -m anbot.open_ai # answers question without specific knowledge
What is the best fiscal policy?

Burn all the money, kill all the kings,
It's the only way to make everything right,
Burn all the money, kill all the kings,
It's the best fiscal policy tonight.

$ python3 -m anbot.anarchistfaq # extracts knowledge from website
4 portions that relate to "the future":
 Document(page_content='"We have learned that instead of a jump into
the realm of the Children of the Future, we can hope for no more than
a steady advance, in which the healthy new overlaps the sick old
structure, with the new slowly outgrowing the old." [Children of the
Future, pp. 38-39]', lookup_str='', metadata={'source':
''}, lookup_index=0),
 Document(page_content='The future workplace would be an expression of
the desires of those who worked there. It would be based around a
pleasant working environment, within gardens and with extensive
library, resources for education classes and other leisure activities.
All this, and more, will be possible in a society based upon
self-realisation and self-expression and one in which individuality is
not crushed by authority and capitalism. To quote Kropotkin, the
future workplace would be "airy and hygienic, and consequently
economical, factories in which human life is of more account than
machinery and the making of extra profits." [Op. Cit., p. 197] For,
obviously, "if most of the workshops we know are foul and unhealthy,
it is because the workers are of no account in the organisation of
factories". [The Conquest of Bread, p. 121]', lookup_str='',
''}, lookup_index=0),
 Document(page_content='"The notion that human beings discount the
future certainly seems to correspond to everyone\'s subjective
experience, but the conclusion drawn from it is a non sequitor, for
most people have enough sense to want to be able to exercise consuming
power as long as fate permits, and many people are in the situation of
having a higher income in the present than they expect in the future
(salary earners will have to retire, business may be better now than
it seems likely to be later, etc.) and many look beyond their own
lifetime and wish to leave consuming power to their heirs. Thus a
great many . . . are eagerly looking for a reliable vehicle to carry
purchasing power into the future . . . It is impossible to say what
price would rule if there were a market for present versus future
purchasing power, unaffected by any other influence except the desires
of individuals about the time-pattern of their consumption. It might
will be such a market would normally yield a negative rate of discount
. . .', lookup_str='', metadata={'source':
''}, lookup_index=0),
 Document(page_content='Ultimately, what the state and capital gives,
they can also take away. What we build by our own self-activity can
last as long as we want it to and act to protect it:\n\n"The future
belongs to those who continue daringly, consistently, to fight power
and governmental authority. The future belongs to us and to our social
philosophy. For it is the only social ideal that teaches independent
thinking and direct participation of the workers in their economic
struggle. For it is only through the organised economic strength of
the masses that they can and will do away with the capitalist system
and all the wrongs and injustices it contains. Any diversion from this
stand will only retard our movement and make it a stepping stone for
political climbers." [Emma Goldman, Vision on Fire, p. 92]',
lookup_str='', metadata={'source':
''}, lookup_index=0)

For a specific response, the langchain qa feature would prompt the
model to discard irrelevent information from the extracted knowledge
and summarize points that relate to the conversation. It could then
form e.g. song lyrics or anything else, based on the information in
the vector database and document store. It is simple how it does this,
if one looks at the langchain source. It just tells the language model
to do it.

The code is written to use openai; for me that’s just so i
psychologically clamp up slower. My openai key is included in the
source. The saass backend is swappable for a local one like
huggingface or a community compute network like koboldai.

Whoever you are who has read this far, the remaining parts of our
consciousnesses thank you for your attention and tolerance.

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