Driving-while-black still a capital crime in the fascist USA

professor rat pro2rat at yahoo.com.au
Wed Feb 1 03:36:39 PST 2023

>>  Fool Anarchists always raging in the street battling the Cops
that the Puppetmasters among the State happily throw as
cannon fodder against them from their endless supply of same.
So long as the Anarchists continue falling for that trap,
wasting their own limited resources on failed strategy,
there will be no Peace, Love, and Voluntary An-archy. <<

No justice - no peace. Its cryptoanarchy not quantum gravity.

> Clearly this is not a Black and White problem - Its a Black and Blue one.

>> Disprove that both, and much more,
are not all manufactured distraction,
by State, Politician, Media, Masters, and Corp,
to keep the Fool Anarchist distanced and busy. <<

I never assert conspiracy where stupidity will cover it.

>> Wake up. <<

Get fucked.  Only Anarchism believes in abolition of the Police, and this is the most hotly-disputed argument of Anarchism. Yet the police force as we know it is a comparatively modern phenomenon, fiercely resisted when introduced for reasons which have since been proved up to the hilt, such as the ability of the Police to introduce or bolster up a dictatorship, known indeed as a police state.

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