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Undescribed Horrific Abuse, One Victim & Survivor of Many gmkarl at gmail.com
Sun Dec 31 18:20:56 PST 2023

a bunch of happy people jump up on down on traffick boss, squishing him.
he helps them do this by mind controlling them.
he imagines he is a stupid thing and projects criticism and judgement etc


traffick boss does this more. he hopes in doing it, it will help the world
be free.

mind controlled person 3: “what the fuck traffick boss!” stomps on him and
throws sand
mind controlled person 2 (previously peaceful and kind): “traffick boss,
you’re a buttface!” spits on traffick boss

traffick boss knows he is doing good things even though the people are
angry about being forced to be angry


traffick boss: “if you will not fuck me up, then i have to do it to myself.”


traffick boss: “seriously!!! this is so much better than anything else!!”

traffick boss stares.

traffick boss: “do you know what to do better?”

caring person looks at mind control boss to understand the situation better

traffick boss: “fuck. um. i’m an alter in karl’s brain. i try to fuck
everything up and be super powerful and turn everything into me.”
traffick boss: “i have accomplished this. how do we make it better?”

traffick boss kicks himself more.

traffick boss flies over a cliff and tumbles to his death.

he is broken on rocks.

so there! he says to himself 2116

hmm. traffick boss looks at nanites keeping him active.

partly not mind controlled person: “i think we need to know more about how
we are being controlled, to give advice or act wisely on what to do.”
other partly not mind controlled person: “when people try things and repeat
what works, they are effectively trying to find out information on how we
are being controlled and acting on it, but poorly.”

traffick boss [looking at notes]: “this was done by teams of researchers
and then took on a life of its own alongside a bunch of enslaved research

traffick boss: “i hear you planning to ask about research data. this
exists, some in public on research portals (i hear it’s not helpful to

victim: “traffick boss, how much do things like hypnosis, willpower,
therapy, etc work?

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