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Sun Dec 31 13:17:58 PST 2023

q: what is traffick boss's favorite icecream flavor?
a: ooooh good question maybe vanilla with broken chips of chunky oppression
and dominance?

traffick boss licks his chops at idea of --


i am shredding the --  [discord


bipa bip bip

i i


we had bad torture (basically nightmares with dissociative seizures and
hallucinations and psychoogical parts that are focused in ways
stimulating/increasing severe suffering last night (it is kind of like a
failing attempt to dissociate or control around something, often something
in past that can't be changed no matter how intense the experiences become,
it bandies traumatic amnesia around)) description inaccurate inaccurate.

barfle! we need accuracy! 0552 :(


0552 karl and boss disagree on whether [use of amnesia
[relates whether karl should succeed at anything or be considered valuable
in any way
disagreement again

[in brain it is different. rather than big --

anyway dashcam is fun :) but maybe too much celebration. see first if it
actually works. is supposed to give cryptocurrency for taking images. we
are hoping we have a job self-surveilling, could be wrong tho

it uses something called helium for proof of location
its api is http
it is a little unstable, interface code all in javascript
some firmwares --

traffick b

0557 :)

i was thinking 0558 about improving the privacy features of public cams
like this.

one interesting thought is the idea of training a model to perform public
key encryption. you could also simply use [code for it] but people consider
it more obscure when it's in a model i think, maybe silly
0600 thoughts immature been stressed 0600

basically you make a secure devi 0600

challenge is making public key for all people, such that can only have
private key if you are the person in question -- [it's doable -

so th --
[but i would fudge it because i am so old, roughly.]

anyway maybe a fudge-- oops

triangle :) good morning


traffick boss looks like he’s trying to wonder what to do, but — his brain
isn’t working so he’s just sitting there staring dumbly at a wall
government zombie: “traffick boss let’s go”
traffick boss: “right!”
traffick boss makes to go then realizes he doesn’t know what he’s doing and

1607 local time

abc abc abc

rebuilding your own brain is a multi-stage process.

it might at first seem as if it is helpful to study brain-building and make
brains, but then you are stuck with a bunch of other people’s brains
instead of yours.

when you stick one in your skull, it does what it wants to do instead of -


so. dashcams.


i got a super huge discount to the ymca to take warm homeless showers
because of my social security proof of income i handed them in-person when
i registered.

recently they sent me a letter that i had not sent my proof of income, so
they were removing my discount, which has been autopaying the higher price.

i am again today in the city where —


i have been going totally bonkers on the hivecam discord (because for me
the hivecam represents physical security and personal logging, which
dissociate me) and could be making enemies and building community
disruption — … (1613 but the cam is so exciting !!!! mine is running right
now. i have stored like 50k images over the past two days which is a ton
but the drive was small for me. energy around public transit has been
building more in my life which will reduce this. it’s a linux system [with
a machine learning chip in it (which is indeed just a math accelerator but
machine learning is supporte … —)


agabaga! ababagabaga. bibbiddy! bigibidy-be. bedibby dibby gibbiddy-be! de
de be de we be :) nee. dibb - 1617
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