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Undescribed Horrific Abuse, One Victim & Survivor of Many gmkarl at
Sat Dec 30 06:15:20 PST 2023

traffick boss goes to therapist (on camera) about [how hard it is to be on
camera [after years of believing crime beliefs?]] reveals all these things
about traffick boss corp

is hatd for therapist, densely triggered, rapid-fire-amnesia, but everybody
has been asking traffick boss to say these things for years (it is not why
he is saying them though) 0626
[traffick boss surprised, karl unaware of other thing] 0628

this is something where the {“villains”/villains} were _used_ to
stimulating traumatic amnesia all the time [in each other] [and not being
able to handle this was one of the explanations for people being slaves?]

0639 boss doesn’t want talked about the intensity of it being years
believing mind control is for doing [from mind control to, and then big
change to escaping and recovering from it [client is torture worker [origin
experience is chat online, the other online people[/workers?]] in shock
[but torture worker is in us, not other people

0641 HARD!!!!

“have the parts of the values
- “wasnt
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