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Mon Dec 25 10:01:49 PST 2023

"... james donald understands the argie situation well : 


	"Milei is a US puppet. He is backing Ukraine and Israel, he is cutting relations with the BRICs. He is integrating with the US finance system, which is not capitalism, but communism.

This kind of “capitalism” was an economically ruinous catastrophe for Argentina and Yeltzin’s Russia the first time around. It is likely to be a catastrophe the second time around." 

ps: grarpamp you sent me a personal message . . . "

If that is Trotskycon, James A Donald then the politics of punk and grarpamps come into sharper focus. Its a red-brown, Nazbol thing. Punk endorses traditional Marxist anti-Semitism and Gramps aproves Uighur style repression of Mexicans.

And their sort of unorthodoxy becomes increasingly mainstream.

Take all the Trotskycons. They're more KGB / CCP and even pro DPRK every day.

Fascist slime can't help themselves. But we can help get these scumbags off our list.

Why Jim invented APster.

Long live shock capitalism.

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