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Sun Dec 24 08:12:00 PST 2023

	this is for grarpamp. It just so happens that anarchist theory can predict the future quite well, and as soon as this jakobo milei turd became an 'anarchist' president, that is, the supreme boss of the state mafia, he started to act like the supreme boss of the state mafia.

	first thing jakobo milei did was rise taxes, including taxes on international trade. Hey, nothing says 'libertarian' like import/export duties!! Moral of the story, he steals money to pay government parasites - that's his purpose in life.

	second thing he did was suck zolosky cock. Ah yes, the anti human jew and murderer of the ukrainian people, zolokys, came to 'congratulate' jakobo milei. Two despicable pentagon assets sucking each others cocks. They should marry!

	anyway, it only took two days for jakobo milei to betray every single promise he made.

	funnily enough james donald understands the argie situation well :

	"Milei is a US puppet. He is backing Ukraine and Israel, he is cutting relations with the BRICs. He is integrating with the US finance system, which is not capitalism, but communism.

This kind of “capitalism” was an economically ruinous catastrophe for Argentina and Yeltzin’s Russia the first time around. It is likely to be a catastrophe the second time around." 

ps: grarpamp you sent me a personal message to this address awhile back. I can't reply to your jewnanzi jewmail account though. joogle joonazis block 


	a few days ago milei wrote an 'executive order' with some alleged 'deregulation measures' in it. So far the only thing he's achieved is a steep increase of inflation rate. The only 'deregulated' thing here is the price of food, skyrocketing. 

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