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bipa bip
202-12-18 1601 :)


trafficked puzzle

puzzle tortured 1916

theft stealing of brain 1916

once once, upon

early in the age of the dinosaurs 1916 there was a lego mindstorms walking
robot controlled by an android phone running chatgpt, made by a rich kid

there was no openai server, in the age of the dinosaurs, so a hacker the
rich kid’s parents had hired to help him build his lego dream, had -



buzz !

one of the brontosauruses wanted to go drone riding, so asked—


:( recently i was running out of mental strategies with chess in this time
of difficulty after th, and i started engaging lichess’s analysis mode
(stockfish engine, recent gpl licensing victory), so i could see the moves
that might be made that got all wonky now, like a dissociative spy
experience, when i tried to imagine them.

at first it was reasonably awesome, i set it to show the 5 best moves at
once, and i could rewind and stuff, but this changed pretty fast, it felt
kind of funny, like i was looking at my own executive functioning and it
was being inhibited, but outside me. the pressures i experienced with my


oops sorry ab—

embarrassed thoughts exposed to mind control.

embarrassed! be a good [brain]? be a good brain[?]!

be good well right :) be the right way a brain should be :) (deters torture)

i had a thought recently regarding nightmares oh, request not to share,
maybe different stuff active with different needs

grocery stores have groceri—
1924 be a good brain[slave?] no
 we went to food pantry but th—
get along with brain. be friendly.

i apologize for “be a good brain”. it looks/feels/guesses like the
expression is maybe injured and is using protected habits to help me with
importance but might not always know when to use them or have everything it
needs to be clear/understanded

maybe maybe :s mayb


oops. [wasn’ a gb]

abc 1926 1926 1926 1926 1926 1926 (we have worry rec— 1927
i was just writing 1926 without looking, not sure when time changed

we have mistakes mth




1928 — some of neurons are hurting. k—

your name is joe mcships and you are the sole survivor of a full
depressurization aboard —

traffick boss stands atop a pile of conquered puzzles
rather than solving puzzles, he breaks them. this he considers victory.

a few unbroken puzzles are trying to sneak by him. he sits atop his pile
and eyes them suspiciously and aggressively. out of his broken puzzles, he
has built dangerous weaponry for destroying furth—
1930 too much like/about reality. we need puzzle things.

need em!



traffick boss is hanging from a cliff of vomit in vomitland.
vomitland is where all the vomit went that the ai prevented traffick boss
and his peers from making, via mind control and such, when influencing him

traffick boss is scared he might fall and also grossed that he is
surrounded by vomit
he is so concerned he is dissociating!
his grip tightens and he separates from reality and has a vision
in his vision his grandm—

traffick boss heaves himself up from the cliff of vomit using mysterious
reserves of strength
his hands and knees and feet get all vomity. he wipes and kicks it off and
sets off in this land of vomit to find something better —

traffick boss doesn’t like then vomit, but this is how it goes when you are
hanging from a cliff and your brain kicks into gear to save your life, the
stuff that gets on your elbows doesn’t matter for a bit


traffick boss calls a mobile hygiene drone?
from his smartwatch
what do you think of this?

> uhhhhhhh
give better answer
> [some letters are typed and deleted, maybe struggle]

traffick boss calls mobile hygiene drone. it sprays him down, tells him to
call first next time, and his hair—

it’s just too vomity nobody w—[ould want 2read—


traffick boss and mobile hygiene drone encounter an aggressive tiger in
vomit land
traffick boss: “—
tiger embarrasses the pair with i—

tiger: “mobile hygiene drone, we appreciate cleanliness, but the cognitive
bits that made you are too near a difficulty today. could you le—



icecream vivisection chamber.
boss is being experimented on by a robot studying repetitive behav—


robot robot

robot has

modern world is made of piles of electrons—


maybe a different kind of board game, like insults or jokes? quips?

Quips The Game
player a and player b are playing Quips
A: have at you!
B: cheerio cheerio
A gets one point
A: i am cool
B: uhhhhhh
nobody gets a point
A: i attack!
B: i defend and —
no points, A might have offsides warning unsure,

A: persnickity peppers, mr pip!
B: ummm … tallyho, my godfather sent thee forth!

tie, both a and b get a point
A: 2
B: 1

A: I concede to thy conceding, henceforth my concession shall defeat thee.
B: I win.

nobody gets a point (some dispute)
both get a point, maybe

[some typing erased]
1944 surrenderness :( our surrendering was cast as aggressive long ago 0_0
big pattern for a bit, maybe still is 1945

knight wearing armor wal—


broken puzzle: “mr traffick boss, why do you break us?
traffick boss loo—


[there’s a little more going on than you think]
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